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Studio Alchemy 1 month ago:


Studio Alchemy 1 month ago:

Hi everyone! Just a heads up..there will be no chapter this month. We will be attending the Scranton PA comic con!! We have a booth there this year! Hope to see some of you there!!! HOWEVER…we will be releasing the first part of the SPLICER CHARACTER AND INFO BOOK right here on global comix within the next few days.. thanks again everyone for all the support. Let’s keep this going!!!

Studio Alchemy 3 months ago:

Hi everyone! Beny from Studio Alchemy here. Well this chapter was a doozy lol i really wanted to push myself this chapter. I think i did. I plan to get better and better every release. Idk who reads these but I’m always open to start conversation about Splicer. Nothing would make me happier then to have the opportunity to talk to people about Splicer, art, manga, anime anything really lol Well i hope you all enjoy the new chapter. And feel free to leave a comment!

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Studio Alchemy 5 months ago:

Ascension Bravo part 2 is looking to be a crazy chapter. Working out time management with my new day job. But it’s coming! Be ready for a big action chapter! I’ll keep everyone posted on dates either here or instagram. So keep an eye out! And thank you for reading SPLICER!

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Beny530 6 months ago

I did not type any of those question marks….i have no idea where they came from haha but THANK YOU!


Kearneyj44 6 months ago

The question marks are emojis this system can’t recognize haha. It happened to me on my last comment

Studio Alchemy 7 months ago:

Chapter 3 will be broken up into two parts. Part one will be releasing June 30th. And part two the following month on July 30th..

Studio Alchemy 8 months ago:

Hey! Just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who’s checked out the content we make here. And a HUGE THANK YOU to anyone who’s donated to the cause. It really does help us make this happen. Hope everyone is enjoying the new chapter. We will have more details for you about the next one within the next week or two. Again thank you all!

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Beefalump 9 months ago

Love it! Not only is the story really engaging, I love how lighting and depth is conveyed so well! LOVE the shot of them looking over the cliff on Pg. 10 and the Barrier and light beams on 11. I'm SO IMPRESSED at this! Can't wait for more!


Beny530 9 months ago

Thank you so much! I’ll be announcing the next release very very soon!

Studio Alchemy 10 months ago:

SPLICER Sub-Chapter 0.1 “PROVIDENCE” is AVAILABLE NOW! Doing some final edits on Chapter 1 “STORM TO COME”. Available Friday March 26th!

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spatterson 9 months ago

Consider me teased and pleased. Im excited to see this grow, limitless potential my dude. Proud of both yall. And waiting impatiently for thr 26th.


Beny530 9 months ago

Thank you my dude. You for sure wont be disappointed the 26th