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1: Sub-Chapter 0.1 PROVIDENCE
1.3k views • Mar 15, 2021
Splicer is a multiverse governed by Gods and magic. In the darkest of times a champion has always been chosen. To return balance and protect those without the power to do so. But now the worlds are ruled by those who do not wish for that balance. PROVIDENCE tells the story of the event that changed the history of Splicer forever...
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2: Chapter 1 - STORM TO COME
1.5k views • Mar 26, 2021
Now dealing with the sudden rebirth of Ragna-tokkra. The people of Olympia must prepare for the chaotic days ahead. The eyes of Yggdrasil are focused. The stage is set. The journey begins. All hail the Fourth Age...
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Read SPLICER  3 Page 1 in English
329 views • May 01, 2021
A mysterious flash of light! A lightning dragon with a thundering roar! The cloud city Ragna-Tokkra becomes ground zero for a cataclysmic event! With the arrival of a new otherworldly faction. History will be forever changed!