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Comic - Fantasy

Once you make a choice you have to face the consequences. The young angel Peri had to learn this the hard way... and now carries the burden. Being brought before god she is banished until she proves herself worthy - under the watchful eyes of none other than fallen angel Luciver himself. Will she be able to get over her lingering affection for the demon lord? Follow Peri in her journey through hell dealing with the vilest beings there are - human...

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A Cure for Kiling

WebComic - Thriller

Her father is a serial killer. She knows that he doesn't want to kill. He is sick. And she has to find a cure.

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Violet Blood

Graphic Novel - Thriller

It has been one lonely year without Louis. When all hope is lost for Ruth, she is given the terrifying chance to capture the man who killed her husband. But will her sense of justice out weigh and ruin the lives of those close to her, or will she be responsible for more suffering than she bargained for?

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Manga - Horror

Something's Gone wrong with GiGi and his friends! [Join] Him in his daily travels! Watch Him fix His imperfections[.] Watch Him struggle to turn back time. Some actions cannot be reversed//?// Believe [in] Paradise%.// UPDATES MONTHLY

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XII: Of Magic and Muses

Graphic Novel - Teen

Our mousy protagonist Willow lives in a mundane and restricted school, which ends up being the worst place someone could get gifted a magical necklace. Desperately trying to contain the magic within, this act of futility seems to just make matters worse. As the necklace crumbles the school’s secrets around her, Willow is left to wonder if it was a gift sent by friend or foe?

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Division 5

WebComic - Sci-Fi

Arch Extent has spent years finding a cure for Cosmos Plague with very little results. Earth is on its last leg before hitting extinction. That is...until he meets a huntress on Division 5. Meet Winter: the potential cure for Cosmos Plague. What do you think happens when a scientist meets a huntress who is immune to Cosmos Plague?

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A demon's origin

Comic - Fantasy

From the moment of their birth, Mephistopheles and Elisa had a duty to fulfil. But not everyone is meant to be a demon. While Mephistopheles is just too reckless and thoughtless for his own good, Elisa can´t bear the thought of hurting anyone. When faced with their own challenges, both learn what being a demon means to them. [Updates on the first and third friday of every month]

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Crimson Angel Tears

Comic - Fantasy

In this world, three supernatural races co-exist: Crimson, Sapphire, & Amethyst. Twins Rena & Kei reside in the Country of Humans: Angelis. Despite being the heirs to a prominent Crimson Family hailing from Lunaris, the country's social-political climate and danger forced their mother to hide them away as much as possible. After Rena is attacked by a Rogue Sapphire, a chain of events is thrust into motion. The twins are forced to abandon their home for...

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Webcomic Creator | He/They

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The Changeling Boy

WebComic - Drama

"Two brothers go on a life-changing journey." || Created & Written by Devon Wild || Illustrated by Vanessa Cardinali || Lettered by Nikki Sherman

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The Fallen Crowns

Manga - Action

In a world where humans finally bridge the gap between what’s natural and what’s supernatural A program is created called the Paladins program for men and women around the world, The best of the best can become a Paladin to protect those that can’t protect themselves. Denji Crown, son of one of the Strongest Paladins was kidnapped at a young age. After finally being discovered six years later he awakens with only one goal, To find his father.

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IronVerse Comics

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When Reality Belongs to Evil... Heroes are Inevitable. The comics Imprint Bringing you the BEST of the Weird Space West!

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Matthew Schofield

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Paul Axel

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I'm a teacher and writer based in Chicago! When I'm not doing either of those, I'm cooking and spending time with my lovely wife and two adorable daughters (hint: please buy my comics - kids are expensive)!

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Like supernatural? Want new superheroes? And stories that span centuries of time? Follow our various books from Demon Hunter Raven, Radiant Rapture, Holy Knight Crusader and many more.

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🤯 Seriously, congrats everyone! Y'all are so amazing and I'm honored to be friends with you 💜💜💜
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Emevsa is a collaboration comprised of one writer and illustrator as well as a shit ton of energy drinks. We love playing with genres and tropes whilst making meaningful stories. Want to know more? You can follow us on Twitter! EMI: @emi_clare - Our illustrator and resident crazy cat lady. SJ: @vidkidinthedark - Lover of drinks and all around awesome writer.

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Art Crumbs

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~ Creator of the Godsbane and Onami ~ Community Staff here on GlobalComix

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AWA Studios

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Where the best creators do their best work, for you.

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UK comic book publisher - our mission is to get more people reading and making comics!

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Kamourian King

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I'm a metal loving, super nerdy, bad ass single mom. I love dark fantasy and dream of a day to make my name known. Currently working on a dark fantasy comic called Regnum Antiquum, "Ancient Realm".  I love meeting and supporting fellow comic creators. I draw hot, muscular, sometimes naked, men. YOU HAVE BEEN WARRNED lol You may call me "Kamouri", "Kammy", or "Kam'. Pronouns: She/They