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Memory Lane

Comic - Comedy

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Tales of the Green Wood

Graphic Novel - Action

“It is forbidden to kill; therefore all murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets” ― Voltaire. Ever since the animals gained their speech and wits, bloody wars have been going on for territory and pettier reasons, until a Warlord turned King and united the land with an iron fist.

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Graphic Novel - Adventure

While on a fieldtrip to the renowned Stones of Nature, four friends, Boon, Kat Nipp, Klondike and Quickstep find themselves drawn into an ageless conflict between Mother Nature and the tyrannical Spidersect Empire. Destined to become Nature’s next champions, bestowed with power from the Elemental Stones, their lives are about to change, forever. LET’S GET WILD!!!

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Graphic Novel - Adventure

Entombed for millennia, a team of combat dinosaurs is accidentally reanimated by 14-year-old Carl Heyward. While trying to keep them a secret, Carl discovers the evil Saurons have survived too.

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Markosia Enterprises

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Markosia was established in 2005 and has become one of the UK’s leading publishers of graphic novels. Based in London, we have gained a reputation for producing a diverse range of comic books and graphic novels that cover almost all genres.

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Gangster Hamsters

Comic - Comedy

"Made it Ma! ... Top of the Wheel!" (Floyd - Gangster Hamster.) Take a little trip through the underworld of mini-mobsters… From seedy joints to the Ferret Bureau of Investigation, by way of downtown squeakeasies. And discover what happens when hamsters go bad. Crime. Love. Violence. Peanuts. Just some of the themes that spin around in this book.

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Creator of the webcomic, JETX!

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DES Comics

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We're a small independent team with big dreams. Makers of comics and games.

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Jacqueline Sartin

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I am a shy artist trying to get her work out there. I have been getting progressively better at comic making.

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Regro: Mystery of Craytor

Comic - Action

Regro Batt is a young Guardian whose job is to protect his town, Dawfin, from monsters. However Regro's sudden torturous nightmares lead him to make a difficult choice. He must leave Dawfin and go on a journey to Craytor, the town he was born in. Join Regro and his friends Dane, Vivian, and Misk as they travel across deadly territory and face dangers bigger than ever before.

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Comic - Action

Tom and Artie is about two interdimensional best buddy mercenaries from different worlds. Each contract they take is a wildly different zany adventure as they meet strange and interesting characters to fight and trick. Written by Robert Livingston Edited by Mike Stevens Art by Zhao Chunlin Lettering by Micah Myers

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Comic - Action

"The mad roboticist Malicious Fingers is after 6 magical minerals said to have been blasted off the meteorite that wiped out the dinosaurs. Teenage speedster Jet Stream, along with his two friends Katrina McCain and Leon Grey, have fought Malicious to thwart his evil schemes time and again! This is the story of their ongoing battle to stop Malicious wherever he strikes!" Uploads in Full Chapters

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The Legend Of Pullensia

Comic - Adventure

On the distant planet of Pullensia, two members of the opposing tribes Enchantia and Techkeo must work together to save their home. Join Kat the feline mage and Ace the tech specialist otter, as they try to put aside their tribes’ history to protect their planet from the Rexson's plans of world domination.