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Heavy Metal

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Worlds Greatest Illustrated Magazine #HeavyMetalMagazine 1977 - ∞

Taarna: The Last Taarakian

Comic - Sci-Fi

From the death of the last Taarakian and a collapsed universe, Taarna was born. Heavy Metal's flagship character from the animated film returns in a new series of cosmic mystery and battles throughout the multiverse in her war against Kako, the embodiment of chaos. This is the story of a millenia-old battle between godlike beings, with all sentient life caught in their path. A new life for Taarna...

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Hotell Vol. 1

Comic - Horror

You won’t find it on any map, but if you happen to be driving down Route 66 late at night and you’re truly desperate for shelter, sanctuary or secrecy, you might see a battered sign on the side of the road: The Pierrot Courts Hotel – where many check in but few check out.

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Snake Homecoming

Comic - Action

Snake tells the story of Eliza, a girl that ran away from home and joined an outlaw gang. After terrorizing every town on their way, she looks for redemption. In this two-part story, she will find out that Redemption is not easy, especially when she find out that her past has a lot of things that she didn't know about.

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NimProd Comics

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We at NimProd Comics are creating a Western-Fantasy Universe. We want to tell fun, quality stories driven by action and adventure.