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Manga - Action

International idol, Haruka Heartline caused quite the commotion with her concert in a space colony! What’s a girl to do when the whole world is literally willing to kill to get their hands on her? Technology, and magical powers are just the tip of the iceberg in this manga! What will happen to the poor idol who started this war, and who will end it?

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TidalWave Productions

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TidalWave Entertainment is a full-service publishing and production company specializing in comic books, graphic novels and Multimedia. Dedicated to pairing high-quality art with innovative storytelling, TidalWave Entertainment creates a wide variety of intellectual properties that engage a growing readership and bridge the gap between comic books and the diverse multimedia marketplace.

Beasto Blanco: Spacewave Conquest

Comic - Action

Free Media is dead. The Cosmic Communications Command, infiltrated by Indoctroids from Sector V, is being used to override hundreds of thousands of galactic streaming channels. With hopes of finalizing the upload of a weaponized neural hijacking code to the network, Commander Dix is prepared to make his final stand against the only threat to his evil plan: the Cosmic Pirates known as Beastö Blancö.

Critter: The Second Best Superhero Comic Book in the Universe!

Graphic Novel - Action

Cassia Crawford has long been the secret hero of a small town in the midwest, but all of that changes when her mother's friends show up at her doorstep and invite her to join the team on the west coast!

andeh favorited Dead Legends 1 week ago
Dead Legends

Comic - Adventure

A widow seeking revenge. A champion hellbent on losing. A world-class assassin second guessing her contract. The Dead Legends tournament contains a long history of pitting the best fighters in the world against one another, but this year, these combatants bend the rules and place the future of the tournament in jeopardy. Alliances are made, bonds are broken, and fighters lose their lives.

andeh favorited Exciting Comics 1 week ago
Exciting Comics

Comic - Sci-Fi

For the first time in over 70 years, Exciting Comics returns to stores! In this premiere title, Antarctic Press introduces the Superverse, a new shared universe that combines classic public domain characters such as Black Terror and the Heap with a host of new, original heroes!

GRAYSKALE: Welcome to Glitter City

Comic - Action

Karma's a bitch--he's the bastard! In a city where anything goes, you need a hero willing to do whatever it takes! Enter: GRAYSKALE, the Karmic Crusader! With the power to see and manipulate the forces of KARMA, Grayskale has made it his personal mission to hunt down and deliver retribution to those most deserving! Read the first 20 pages of this cult classic crowdfunded comic!

andeh favorited Darkcat 1 week ago

Comic - Action

Hace un año atras, Adrian Diaz fue inculpado de ser un hombre gato y dirigir una banda de criminales que robaban bancos. En contra de su familia, Jonás decide convertirse en Darkcat y logra liberar a su padre. Ahora decide comenzar una "caceria" de los verdaderos culpables que encarcelaron a su padre injustamente y asesinaron a su hermano.

andeh favorited Ninja High School: Indie Wars 1 week ago
Ninja High School: Indie Wars

Comic - Sci-Fi

Pan-dimensional panic from the Godfather of American Manga, Ben Dunn, and creators from all over the industry, including Mike Vosburg, Fred Perry, Matthew Weldon, Bronte Erwin, Khalid Robertson, Luis Rivera, Dell Barras, and many more! A routine visit to a Time and Dimensional Garage Sale inadvertently unleashes D-Kay, an evil entity bent on spreading chaos throughout time, space and dimensions....

andeh favorited The Valiant (2014) 1 week ago
The Valiant (2014)

Comic - Adventure

A battle ten millennia in the making… The Eternal Warrior has protected the Earth for more than 10,000 years. A master of countless weapons and long forgotten martial arts, he is guided by the Geomancers – those who speak for the Earth. During his long watch, the Eternal Warrior has failed three times. Each time, the Geomancer was killed…and a new dark age for humanity began. Each time, he was unable to stop The Immortal Enemy – a monstrous force...

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Steamroller Man

Comic - Comedy

Steamroller Man is a superhero comedy about a gung-ho, happy-go-lucky hero with a huge head! Fans of The Tick, Venture Bros and the 1966 Batman TV show will enjoy this hilarious all-ages adventure, created by animation veteran Matthew Schofield!

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Clays Comics!

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Hey, this is Rob/Clay! I'm making 3 WIP comic books including heroes, supernatural detectives, and dudes turned pony bros! I have 2 short comics that people can read/buy from me!

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Maximum Circle

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Comics by moi.

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New Age Ninja Corps

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Art by: @LuigiTeruelArt Starring: @thegingerarchy written by: @niehlis

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comic writer.

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Publishing All Ages comic books with action and adventure storytelling.

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Antarctic Press

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Xion Studios

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Xion Studios has been providing page layout, graphic design, and other illustrative works since 1999. Xion's primary focus is now building quality gaming & comics products under the headship of Charlie McElvy.