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ldozois posted Oct 31, 2022

Halloween Comics Thread!!

Let's get into the spooky day spirit with a Halloween Themed Comics thread!
If you've got a Halloween themed comic or issue drop a link for folks to check it out!

ldozois posted Oct 31, 2022

I'll start!
Chapter 2 of Off Track has the gang trying to get to a college Halloween party! Will they get there? What'll happen on the way!? Read to find out!

cantrell posted Nov 2, 2022

When a child is abducted by a "monster" during the town’s Halloween festival, it falls to Umbra to try and rescue him. But in order to save him, will she have to become the very thing she's hunting?

OmeowComics posted Nov 2, 2022

Oi! The Banshee Vale Horror Show arc-
A hurling rivalry between two villages in ancient Ireland goes too far, and a horror show begins...