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pkscomix posted Oct 18, 2022

Feedback on my Comic Book Characters

I would like to get feedback on the characters based on my promo book. Let me know after viewing which ones you find the most interesting. You could help decide which comic I feature here in the future. Thanks! Paul.

Check out the short book here!

ENBILAG posted Nov 2, 2022

Here are my top three:
1- The drama of Cora and Cindy. friendships are my cup of tea (~.~)
2- Private eyes. The summary sounds interesting.
3-Ghost Pirates. I feel like this one really suits your art style.

I hope I was able to help you
Best wishes 🍀🤍

pkscomix posted Nov 2, 2022

Thanks so much for responding! It was great to hear your comics. I'm currently looking for which one of these stories I was going to peruse first. Believe it or not Ghost Pirates is one of the stories I'm leaning towards doing first, so it was great to hear your comments on that one. I'm going to take a look at your stuff as well. Thanks again for the comments!

ENBILAG posted Nov 3, 2022

You're very welcome!
Happy to help! ^_^