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AG-Meade posted Aug 26, 2020

Share Your Art Journey!

Hey GC community!

Everyone takes such different paths, but we all have at least one thing in common - to tell stories through visual media. So, I thought it would be fun to share our stories about our art journeys and what led us here!

1. What inspired you to start drawing/writing?
2. What are you working on right now and what was your inspiration? Include a link if you'd like to share it!
3. Who or what are your top influences?
4. Areas you're working on improving (either now or in the future)?
5. Favorite snacks or beverages while you're creating?

Looking forward to hearing about your art journey!

AG-Meade posted Aug 26, 2020

So! I'll go first!

1. I've been writing prose for as long as I can remember, and my background and job are in the writing field. I always loved graphic novels and the visual arts, but it didn't occur to me until 2018 that I could give it a go myself. (Okay, honestly, my art was teased a lot when I was younger, so I just assumed that meant I couldn't be an artist.)

2. I'm currently working on my first full-length graphic novel, The Borrowed Faces, which was inspired by Indiana Jones, game shows, and the absurdity of "reality" TV.

3. Ah, so many influences. My top picks, though, would be ElfQuest, Fullmetal Alchemist, Cowboy Bebop, Arthurian legends, The Vorkosigan Saga, Doctor Who.

4. I'm still so new to art that I feel like everything needs work. But I am putting a strong focus on environments as my next 'area of improvement'.

5. I'm a fan of the "three drink" theory. This is basically one hydrating drink (water, sometimes coconut juice), one serious drink (breakfast tea), and one fun drink (usually a strong stout).

alaphel posted Aug 27, 2020

Sounds like you had an interesting art journey. Starting art is always a difficult venture but it looks like you're doing well based on your work. The details in the drawings are nice and the background is consistent with the characters. It feels like it all blends in well.

1. I think a lot of things inspired me to draw and write. Manga and video games is what really started it all off. I really enjoyed the stories that I got immersed and make ponder, as well as stories that I can turn my brain off and just laugh. Though, what keeps me motivated is my art friend. I really wanted to give up several times, as a matter of fact I have given up and regretted it. I found an art friend to keep me on track help motivate me to try my best even if I don’t believe in myself. They’re the true mvp

2. My current work is Offtask. It’s a story about two friends who want to make a story together. Despite being determined, they often find themselves off task. It takes heavy inspiration from manga and japanese humor/story telling. I try to keep myself to a mangaka schedule and update it once a week. You can read it in two different formats:
Manga format -

Webtoon format -

3. I got to say my top influence are some manga makers whose stories I enjoy. I really enjoyed Aka Akasaka’s work with IB Instant Bullet, Kaguya-Sama Love is War, and Oshi no Ko. My favorite artist growing up was Ken Akamatsu for his Love Hina series. There are more but these are the two artist that really influence me for the type of humor and manga I want to create.

4.  I feel like there are a lot of areas I want to improve in. Making a manga really helps me cover all the grounds from perspective to dynamic shots to story telling. The only thing that it doesn’t help with is coloring lol but I try to do that on the side as much as I can so I can improve.

5. My favorite beverage to drink depends on how I’m feeling. If I’m exhausted, then a good cup of coffee can give me a bit of a boost. If I’m not, I enjoy a nice cup of lemon ice tea.

JandHComics-79 posted Aug 27, 2020


My name is Trent. I have my books here under the title The Queen's Five. 

1. I always loved to create draw and write. I have come back to this in the last 4ish years. I had a story in my head I had to get out. 
2. I have my books here under the title The Queen's Five
3. Bruce Timm and Frank Miller. 
4.  I am always working to get better. I am trying to take chances and try new ways of doing things. 
5. I like coffee when I write and a beer when doing the art. Not too many beer as I do not want to poorly look to copy Picasso. 

I look forward to reading more about everyone. 


AG-Meade posted Aug 27, 2020

@alaphel - Thanks so much for sharing!

Manga is a truly great source of inspiration! There's just something about it that really captures the imagination. I can definitely see your influences in your work, but it's still clearly very much your own!

Ah, color. I'm in kind of the same boat about working on it on the side.... definitely not my forte. Do you think you will eventually do your manga in color?

And, also, thank you for the feedback. I'm self-taught and have next to no idea what my work looks like to other people, so much appreciated. :)

AG-Meade posted Aug 27, 2020

@JandHComics-79 - Thank you for sharing your journey!

That's the funny thing about stories, isn't it? Sometimes they just demand to be told! So glad that you decided to work on your comic and share it with us! I like the way you've got the narration integrated with the action and dialogue. It really gets off to a strong, fast-paced start with a lot of intrigue. Looking forward to reading more!

Out of curiosity, about how long does it take you to finish a chapter?

alaphel posted Aug 27, 2020

I plan to make color pages to maybe celebrate milestones or for big moments in the story but I plan to keep most the manga in screentone.

I think you have a well established styles that will just improve in time. My friend always told me that an important thing for story art is to be consistent. A character should look like the character no matter the angle they are seen from. And so far you look like you're doing a great job at that.

AG-Meade posted Aug 28, 2020


Your plan for color totally makes sense. That will definitely make those special moments really "pop", and it will be a great reward for readers!

And thank you so much for your feedback - I'm glad the characters and style look consistent. What a relief! :)

JandHComics-79 posted Aug 31, 2020


Hey sorry for the delay I was doing stuff around the house as I was told I was not keeping up on that haha. 

I agree I had the story driving me nuts. This is why I had sticky notes all over with ideas here and there and I was like enough, I am going to write this thing! Thank you for the kind words, I wanted action in it but did not want to do what I did when I was younger where something was blowing up or someone getting thrown out a window on every page (I was 13 so that is what I liked). 

I have been working on this for 3 to 4 years. First 12 took me a while, got quicker as I went. I still go back and read through and make sure it makes sense to me. I am working on issue 22 right now and hope to have it done soon. I have a couple of more to put up. I had my own website but love the way that this site does panel to panel. It was exactly what I was looking for. 

I am going to check out your stuff looking forward to reading it!


Vila posted Nov 25, 2020

Hello, I am new here and currently working on my own manga, so I thought I would be a bit active around here and get to know people; 

1. What inspired you to start drawing/writing?
I've been writing novels since I was 11, and even though I made drawings too, that was always on the side, nothing too major or meaningful to it. Then I fell in love with art at high school and began painting and being more creative. I've always loved anime, manga and Japan; last year my bf and I went to Japan on vacation and it was like a revelation, a call; I was going to make manga / comics!

2. What are you working on right now and what was your inspiration? Include a link if you'd like to share it!
I am currently working on my own manga, my debut! It's going to be fantasy and is inspired by the Girl Form The Other Side by NAGABE, The Ancient Magu's Bride and Moomin!
I dont have a link to my manga yet, but feel free to follow my site for updates as I make / publish it ^^

3. Who or what are your top influences?
This is a hard question... everyone? All manga artist gives me some influence and motivation to keep doing what I love. I can't say very specific who's my top favourite. To get my ideas I often console myself with my mom or boyfriend, or even our pet cat (hahah!). Magical forests, must be what influences me the most and where I get my ideas from.

4. Areas you're working on improving (either now or in the future)?
To trust myself. To know that what I make can be good enough ^^;

5. Favorite snacks or beverages while you're creating?
I often work at night time with my manga so even though I am a huge coffee-drinker, I rarely do so as I work. I would have go for soda, tea, and biscuits:)

Thanj you for reading, if you did! ^0^