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Tweeter and the Monkeyman

Friendship Humor Military Murder Psychological Teenagers (13-18)
Adults (18+)
action adventure cartoon comic comix fun gaming gore illustration indie comix parody video-gaming violence
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31 pages (FREE)
2: Tweeter and the Monkeyman (Issue 71)
NSFW 39 views • Jul 24, 2022
Tweeter and the Monkeyman return in this 30 page comic that will blow your mind!!! The drug fuelled, car chasing, joint smoking, grenade throwing adventure continues with Tweeter and the Monkeyman (Issue 71) on their escape from Lieutenant Burke Souls. Learn more about "Tweet" and "Monks" varied past with flashbacks to reveal what makes these two broken clocks tick! Bad language and violence to follow in this blood splattered comic! Mature Readers Suggested
19 pages (FREE)
1: Tweeter and the Monkeyman (Issue 187)
NSFW 39 views • Jul 23, 2022
The year is 1972, two draft-dodgers known as "Tweeter and the Monkeyman" are on the run from the law. Detective Burke (a maniac cop) is in pursuit as the wild car chase comes to a gritty end, in a desert near Mexico. The encounter triggers memories of past events for our doped-up duo. No amount of drugs or alcohol can bury the suffering they've been through... Prepare for blood, violence and bad language!!! Mature Readers Only!