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Rex Radley: Boy Adventurer
» Comic » Action
Fighting / Martial Arts Humor Monsters Robots / Mecha Science
Rex Radley is a boy born into adventure and excitement! (Hence the title). This comic is an anthology following the two halves of his lives following his parent's divorce. His mother lives in in Japan, fighting towering monsters with her giant robot, his father lives in the Amazon with his cavewoman bodyguard, defending the Earth from an army of Dinosaur people.
» Graphic Novel » Comedy
Humor Monsters Post-apocalyptic Supernatural / Occult
What would you do if you died in the Apocalypse but never moved on? Frank was an ordinary man who found himself in that very situation. As a ghost tethered to his undead corpse, Frank and his beloved self shamble around the end of times looking for the reasons why. Frank is a comedy unlike any other with action and laughs from cover to cover.
47 Decembers
» Graphic Novel » Horror
Living in Waterbury in an aging inn wasn't Audrey's dream; it was her husband's. But now her husband is dead and Audrey is the only one who thinks it wasn't an accident. She's also the only one who thinks the scarecrows scattered throughout the town have been moving. What's really going on in Waterbury? Audrey's about to find out.
The Steam Engines of Oz
» Graphic Novel » Adventure
Friendship Magic Mythical Supernatural / Occult
A hundred years after the events that occurred in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and after the defeat of the Wicked Witch, there is a modernized Emerald City that is ruled by the once-revered hero, the Tin Man. The land of Oz is at risk as the city expands its territory further and further. The last hope comes from a young mechanic who works underneath the city, her name is Victoria Wright.
True Power: MS2
» Manga » Slice of Life
Humor Love School
The sequel to True Power! Michel will one day become the King of Erkonia, but first he has to grow up a bit and what better place to do so than on Earth? Awkward moments, fun friends, rivals, and fanservice await! COMPLETED.
True Power
» Manga » Slice of Life
Aliens Humor Love School
Mark just wants to write stories, but his worldview is changed by the appearance of someone riding on a... flashlight? It's Gio, an alien boy who wants to make a friend and Mark looks perfect - almost... COMPLETED.
Cupcake War Machine
» Graphic Novel » Comedy
Aliens Cooking Friendship Humor Robots / Mecha
Warrick 101 Epsilon is one of many war machine androids who was created to fight in Earth's fourth world war, but after being reactivated and recycled after severe damage after his last battle, he wakes up with the new exasperating function of being an assistant baker. Luckily, he has a chance to change that if he wins the Bittersweet Baking Competition, but how will it go?
A Cat Named Haiku
» Graphic Novel » Kids
Family / Pets
Haiku is a form of Japanese poetry. Haiku is also a mischievous little cat. This is the story of a day in the life of A Cat Named Haiku.
Judo Girl
» Graphic Novel » Action
Humor Leading Ladies Superhero
Adjusting to modern day life is one thing. Fighting the female assassin Silencer is another. Worse, one of Judo Girl's (Diana Moore) most dangerous adversaries from the 1960s resurfaces to complicate her life, Lincoln Stanley, aka Hep Cat. Has he really reformed, as he claims, or is he back to his old tricks? Check out this exclusive, never-before-seen, Judo Girl story!
Vengeance Ink
» Comic » Action
Fighting / Martial Arts Humor Organized Crime Science Superhero
Vengeance Ink is a fun light hearted action comic that aims to capture and celebrate the vibe of the superhero comics, action movies, and sci fi TV of the 80's and 90's. Each issue will tell a self contained story that explores one of the range of unique and interesting characters and their tribulations for your entertainment. We hope you enjoy the world building of this series.
And Nobody Drew the Bagel
» Comic » Abstract
Bagel is an abstract simplistic look inside the mind of someone going through a depressive episode, the “story” follows our gender neutral protagonist dubbed “Bagel” as they dive into the thoughts and feelings inside, all while coming across bizarre and creepy creatures. Bagel is taken as is, your interpretation and feelings while reading it are what’s important.
Charlie McCarthy's Comic Classics
» Graphic Novel » Comedy
Charlie McCarthy was one of the most popular enteratinment acts of the 1950's. Charlie's adventures are brought to life in his every own comic book series. Charlie McCarthy, Cowboy Detective: Charlie and Mortimer help a reporter get evidence to kick out the oppressive Judge Rawson. Then, Charlie and Mortimer attend a circus.