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Friendship Love Superhero Teenagers (13-18)
Adults (18+)
drama powers superhero superheroes superpowers tainted YA young adult
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505 pages
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1: TAINTED #1 "Encounters"
949 views • Jun 01, 2021
After losing one of their own, a group of genetically tainted friends with super powers investigate the kidnapping of a genetics scientist and his Genetic Altering Device (GAD). Along the way, they get entangled in a personal vendetta when one of them falls for Page Black, who has been marked for death by Damien and his criminal gang.
44 pages
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Read TAINTED  2 Page 1 in English
2: TAINTED #2 "Revelations, Part 1"
58 views • Aug 07, 2021
After saving seductive singer, Mariah Campbell, from an attempted abduction, Steve learns that they were both part of an experiment conducted by NowGex Labs. Meanwhile, millionaire Chris Li confronts Kimberly about moving into Grant Gardens, and Page and Brandon struggle to redefine their relationship after their breakup.