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Demons Heaven. Hell Redemption Soldier Superhero-horror Supernatural
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2: Omen #2
101 views • Aug 23, 2021
Having fallen from the sky in a ball of flame and landed in the Pacific Ocean, Frank Wade was taken to St. Abel's hospital by 2 fishermen who found him floating in the water. But Frank Wade is in and out of consciousness and still trying to piece together all that has happened. Meanwhile the Lords of Hell have awoken and King Cain has again assumed the throne. To make matters worse the Sin-Demons have been released and are looking for proper hosts to carry their dark and twisted spirits.
40 pages (FREE)
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1: He Fell From the Sky
419 views • Feb 23, 2021
The damned special forces soldier Sgt Frank Wade of Raven-X is known as the Boogeyman in the military for the terrible things he's done. Frank leads his team on what he thinks is a standard mission, however this is anything but & just as he thinks Raven-X is getting away he discovers a bomb & gives his life to protect his unit from the blast. That Ultimate Sacrifice earns him a shot at redemption.