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Guido Martinez Michael Nunneley Omen Comics Tosin Awosika
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1: He Fell From the Sky
218 views • Feb 23, 2021
The damned special forces soldier Sgt Frank Wade of Raven-X is known as the Boogeyman in the military for the terrible things he's done. Frank leads his team on what he thinks is a standard mission, however this is anything but & just as he thinks Raven-X is getting away he discovers a bomb & gives his life to protect his unit from the blast. That Ultimate Sacrifice earns him a shot at redemption.
48 pages
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2: Bits & Pieces
0 views • Mar 03, 2021
Frank Wade is rushed to the hospital by the fishermen who saw him fall into the ocean in a ball of fire. While the doctors struggle to find out what's going on with Frank, Wade himself is struggling to remember what has happened to him and why he is here. But Omen's enemies aren't waiting for him to recover, they are preparing for war. Wrath has already found a host & attacked the city.