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Guido Martinez Michael Nunneley Omen Comics Tosin Awosika
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1: Gallows Men #1
NSFW 123 views • Mar 02, 2021
Patrick O'Leary was recently tortured severely & the experience broke his mind. Since then he has turned into a violent psychopath & has become too much for Dove-Seven Hospital to deal with so they are sending him to a military psychiatric facility. Meanwhile the Gallows Men investigate the murder of Jared Llanowar from Omen #1 & Obediah Strong seeks to recruit Patrick O'Leary into the Court.
32 pages
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2: Gallows Men #2
NSFW 19 views • Aug 23, 2021
The Gallows Men are at the Llanowar Executive Suites in downtown Kingdom City investigating Jared Llanowar's murder when they are interrupted. Meanwhile Obediah Strong is attempting to convince the Court of the merits of recruiting Patrick O'Leary - a violent, psychopath with supernatural abilities that has recently escaped custody on his way to an off the books mental hospital in Iraq.