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Pandora's Eyes
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Organized Crime
An edge-of-your-seat thriller spiced with Milo Manara's gorgeous erotic sensibility. PUBLICATION IN 1 VOLUME - COMPLETED WORK. Pandora is a beautiful young woman living with her adoptive parents in a major European city. Out of the blue, she learns that her real father might be a terrible mob boss wanted by the international authorities. When she is kidnappe…
Dropping Out
» Comic » Thriller
Faith Psychological Supernatural / Occult
The year is 2007. Adobe Francine Kroger is 16, and a bomb in her brain that has been ticking since the age of 10 is about to explode. Following the death of her biological father, she has been trapped in a cycle of abuse, neglect, promiscuity, and addiction. One night, Adobe succumbs to a violent withdrawal. Can she fight her way back to the light, or will she drop out, into darkness?
Classic Pulp
» Comic » Thriller
Monsters Supernatural / Occult
This first volume of Classic Pulp is loaded with lost tales of ghouls and gumshoes! Curated and digitally remastered to their original colors and quality by Joshua Werner, these classic pulp comic stories are sure to shock and thrill! This collects Classic Pulp: Horror, Classic Pulp: Detectives, Classic Pulp: Ellery Queen, and Classic Pulp: Ghosts, and is packed with exclusive bonus content. A mus
» Comic » Thriller
What is the difference between karma and justice? Man rapes a women. He gets caught and goes to jail. Justice. Bully hits another kid. Bully gets caught, gets detention. Justice. Woman marries a guy for the money. Poisons him. She gets caught and goes to jail. Justice. Some a-hole mugs a guy. What happens to the a-hole? It isn’t going to be justice. What goes around comes around. Karma
Vampire Search
» Comic » Thriller
Fighting / Martial Arts Monsters Supernatural / Occult
After getting a letter to be accepted into an private college abroad; Terrence, Carole, Denzel & Scott are in for more than they ever thought. Their being sent aboard in Romania, Which leads them to become Vampire Hunters to stop the king of the vamps himself! Dracula and his "family". while understanding more about themselves and moving on from their haunting pasts to a bright and happier future.
» Comic » Thriller
Leading Ladies Murder Psychological Supernatural / Occult
Yesterday, Walter tried to kill himself. Today, he wakes up to find that everyone who comes near him suddenly and inexplicably dies. Everyone, that is, except for a mysterious lady named Eliza, who is desperately trying to keep Walter safe from a deadly assassin known as Miller - which would be easy if he didn't keep coming back from the dead without a scratch on him. Learn the true meaning of...
» Comic » Thriller
Family / Pets Murder Organized Crime
Narcotics Officer Denis Chambers comes from a family of law enforcers. Now, someone is picking them off one by one, and she'll have to figure out who's taking an axe to her family tree before it's too late.
» Comic » Thriller
Organized Crime Political Psychological
As the President of the United States visits a small town to give a speech, a trio of young men execute a plan to incite chaos with some well-placed explosives to pull off a daring bank robbery. The plan's execution is flawless. The follow-up is not. It is not long before Secret Service is hot on their trail, and nothing is what it seems.
Divine Intervention
» Comic » Thriller
Magic Monsters Supernatural / Occult
Marc Graham, a conflicted, contract killer, could hardly be considered a hero. Things change when he stumbles into an ancient conflict between the Templar agency, a clandestine organization that protects powerful artifacts from falling into the wrong hands, and strange, demonic forces seeking to control the world. After gaining mysterious, angelic powers from a freak accident Marc must dive...
Bad Break
» Comic » Thriller
Humor Organized Crime
A classic crime story peppered with plenty of noir tropes and dark humor. A determined antique dealer, a bored junkyard worker, and an inquisitive porn star join forces as they follow the tortuous trail of a long-dead sailor. Written and drawn by Philippe Riche ( The Alliance of the Curious ) in his trademark loose yet graceful line.
Basil & Victoria
» Comic » Thriller
Faith Humor
A humorous Victorian-era set social fable told in pure Dickensian tradition. Follow the titular pair of street orphans on adventures far and wide. London, 1887. While the British Empire is at its peak, and influences the majority of the world, most of London still lives amid poverty, disease, and crime. Basil and Victoria are two of the thousands of orpha…