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Adventures of a System Admin
Comic » Slice of Life
Computers / Video games Friendship Humor Science
A college dropped out and aspiring system administrator was hired by E.L.Y a research company to protect and confront all type of hackers from exfiltrating valuable information. Everyday there is a hacker with new tricks trying to gain access to the company but JJ is always there to save them.
Happiness is a Warm Bun
Comic » Slice of Life
Cooking Humor
A funny look into one young man's quest for the greatest burger in the country, and the lesson he learns along the way!
Something about Paige
Comic » Slice of Life
Friendship Humor Leading Ladies
Paige is the second main character of SaC, but is front and center here. She is assertive and brave in public, but in private, she is constantly racked by her insecurities.
Spooky Girls
Comic » Slice of Life
Anthropomorphic Family / Pets Leading Ladies Monsters Supernatural / Occult
Meet JENNY THE WERECAT. Jenny is... well, you saw the title -- she's a werecat! She's very much aware of her condition, which allows her to speak with other cats (who love her) and other nocturnal animals (who love her a lot less). Jenny runs a Cat Café, and finds herself at odds with a scrappy homeless werecat who keeps stealing cans of wet food.
Not my cupid
Comic » Slice of Life
Friendship Humor Love School
Pineapple Duck -a real person- hopes to have a quiet senior year in Essengraf college. But unbeknown to her, destiny has other plans for her.
I Love You
Comic » Slice of Life
After the divorce Anthony begins to share the apartment with his co-worker for whom he is in love.
I'm Mortal
Comic » Slice of Life
Humor LGBTQ+ Supernatural / Occult
Morty is a reaper, but he wishes to befriend a human. It's not easy, since most humans see him as an intimidating skeleton, which makes it hard to start any friendship at all. However, one day Morty meets Lance who not only sees him as a regular person, but also believes that Morty is just a regular guy. Scared that Lance may reject him once he knows the truth, Morty decides to pretend to be a mor
Another Day on Earth
Comic » Slice of Life
Aliens Computers / Video games Friendship Humor Superhero
A weekly slice of life webcomic about pop culture and everything geek. Words by Frank Martin with art by Megan Huang.
The intimate aspects of Art
Comic » Slice of Life
Friendship Love
An comic playing with the ambiguity of the nude within the Art, where a young boy will pose for a girl...
Joe Jobs
Comic » Slice of Life
Cooking Humor Superhero
Greg Mason watched his friends and classmates leave their small Midwestern town to start a life in the world outside while he stayed behind. Years later, he finds himself still living paycheck to paycheck, going from one entry level job to another. Two things Greg knows: Truth is stranger than fiction, and The Past Never Dies.
Word is the Bird
Comic » Slice of Life
Family / Pets Humor
In a world where kakapos got domesticated and underwent a different type of evolution, meet Word. A blue curious kakapo. See how he sees the world and performs his antics.
Hope for a Breeze
Comic » Slice of Life
Friendship Leading Ladies Psychological School
Dedicated to all the losers and failures and freaks and social outcasts in society, this is a story of a girl named Sophia and her journeys through life. At the beginning of the story we find her doing something … drastic. The story follows her and what brought her to taking such drastic actions school life, slice of life, drama, anime styled, autobiography, memoirs, webcomic
Geek4Life Featuring Tommy Luv
Comic » Slice of Life
Computers / Video games Humor Music & Theatre
It's Mr Big C
Comic » Slice of Life
Lawrence lives a normal life, with partner and kid, until the day he coughs out blood.
Comic » Slice of Life
LGBTQ+ Love Music & Theatre
Yoon Ji-Ho is questioning their identity, all in the midst of auditioning for SKW Entertainment as their newest K-Pop trainee. What follows is a whirlwind of misadventures as fallen idol superstar Eun-Soo finds his reputation on the line if he cannot whip Ji-Ho and their merry band of misfits into the perfect K-Pop idols in a relatively short period of time. Music! Romance! Misunderstandings! And
Type 3
Comic » Slice of Life
Family / Pets Humor School
the somewhat.. interesting lives of twins (infrequent updates)
10 Reasons WHY I stopped using Finder
Comic » Slice of Life
Being far away from a communication expert or a relations advocate, this is my experience with, well, Finder. Sometimes trying to be helpful, sometimes just to hang out, get a relationship or one nightstand. All kinds of evil. True stories, bro.
Whose World
Comic » Slice of Life
A comic about friends trying not to fail at adulthood!