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The Adventures of Apple
Comic » Comedy
Apple is an apple and wants to become a real comic hero. Unfortunately, the world is not a cozy place for a little apple and the biggest problems are not fighting some super villains but getting a job and earning money and stuff...
Twisted Light
Comic » Comedy
Humor LGBTQ+ Love
From the mind behind Twisted Dark comes something a little lighter. Twisted Light is the other side of the coin, each short story designed to leave the reader feeling uplifted. “Gibson’s excellent blend of gripping storytelling, humour, and interesting subject choices is still here!”
Gentleman Cthulhu
Comic » Comedy
Aliens Humor Monsters Supernatural / Occult
Gentleman Cthulhu is a humourous web-comic by writer and artist J. M. DeSantis. It is told in the traditional three-panel format and publishes on The comic combines DeSantis’s often bizarre sense of humour with his love for the work of H. P. Lovecraft, Gothic horror, Victorian literature and monsters.
Adventures with Capt'n Heroic
Comic » Comedy
Humor Superhero
A Not-Quite-Normal Superhero comedy that follows the unlikely duo, Capt'n Heroic & SideKick as they attempt rid the world from evil... well as long as SideKick can keep Capt'n Heroic in line that is.
Comic » Comedy
Leading Ladies Music & Theatre
A jazz musician with a dream to make it big finds out that she's not that great.
Gangster Hamsters
Comic » Comedy
Anthropomorphic Fighting / Martial Arts Humor
"Made it Ma! ... Top of the Wheel!" (Floyd - Gangster Hamster.) Take a little trip through the underworld of mini-mobsters… From seedy joints to the Ferret Bureau of Investigation, by way of downtown squeakeasies. And discover what happens when hamsters go bad. Crime. Love. Violence. Peanuts. Just some of the themes that spin around in this book.
Space Bitch
Comic » Comedy
Fighting / Martial Arts Leading Ladies Post-apocalyptic Space / Interdimensional Steam / Cyber punk
Jaded corporate mercenary, Mia Maxim, lives for action and tacos. Mia, along with her co-workers, compete for fame and riches across the lawless wasteland planet of Caleco.
Vengeance is Mime
Comic » Comedy
Monsters Murder
Meurtrey is a silent but deadly mime who is seeking revenge against his former comedy partner Cormac the Clown. He has trained for years to confront the tacky huckster who stole his prop to become world-famous. The time for the ultimate showdown has arrived. Written by Patrick Wisniewski, art by Sarah Davidson, letters and logo by Sean Rinehart, and edited and project managed by Paul Allor.
Cold Dead Hands
Comic » Comedy
Humor Military Murder Organized Crime
Aspiring mercenary, Kit Kelso, comes wrist to wrist with the deadliest hands in history.
2 Girls, 1... Ape?
Comic » Comedy
Friendship Humor Monsters School Supernatural / Occult
This is the story of two college girls and their lives. And a demon ape. Of course.
The Ballad of Al Snow and Head
Comic » Comedy
Fighting / Martial Arts Humor Monsters Post-apocalyptic
Featuring former WWE Superstar and wrestling icon, Al Snow. The Ballad of Al Snow and Head is a blend of action, comedy, and parody, making this a tale unlike any other. Al is the hero that no one asked for, and just can't seem to get rid of. Why adventure through Al's insanity in the ring, or even the real world? Buckle up for a different kind of journey, into a different kind of min
Comic » Comedy
Humor Monsters Murder Mythical
With the war in Unstablovakia in full swing and the throne up to claim, our two dum-dum mercenaries just want to get paid and maybe not get killed. Join their journey through dwarf mining country and its murder-by-pie treachery as they work for a ruler who wants to watch the world burn-starting with his own stuff! But our goblin and doppelgänger mercenaries may wreck the kingdom before anybody...
Black Diamond
Comic » Comedy
Friendship Humor
Two snowboarders make a bet on who will get to the bottom of a treacherous run first.
Fine Art Comics
Comic » Comedy
Artist Keegan Shiner collaborates with other artists to create Fine Art Comics. The books are made using found and used fine art books that are then drawn on with pen and white-out.
Dead Duck and Zombie Chick
Comic » Comedy
Humor Monsters Supernatural / Occult
Rising From The Grave, Cartoonist Jay P. Fosgitt (Marvel, IDW, Red5) returns to his darkly humorous roots with his diminutive version of Death and his sidekick, the sexy Zombie Chick.
Hero Envy
Comic » Comedy
Aliens Humor Space / Interdimensional Superhero
The universe's biggest bully "El Moco Conpan" has escaped from his interstellar prison and is hatching a plan to bend the galaxy to his will. The first item on his agenda is to rid the earth of all things fun. Only 4 losers stand in his way. Their mission: Find the 4 items of power and stop this madman. A funny, action packed adventure starring the "Hero Envy" gang!! A tale spanning three issues!!
Bad Tree
Comic » Comedy
Web/Graphic Designer & Cartoonist. While working on an article, "Bad Trees! Identifying at Risk Trees" I had bad images, so I created an image of a Bad Tree. The image made the cover and BT was born.