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Crow Creek
» Comic » Horror
Friendship Monsters Psychological
A horror one-shot comic about a mysterious zombie outbreak unraveling on a Native American reservation.
By the Time I Get to Dallas
» Graphic Novel » Adventure
Medical Post-apocalyptic Science
When 80% of the human race starts migrating to a single point on the globe, failing medical student Rudy Deckart sets out across the disintegrating US to rescue his girlfriend, become a doctor, confront a murderous militia using the migration to start a new world order, and find a cure for the migration impulse that will save, or maybe destroy, humanity.
Beware ...
» Graphic Novel » Sci-Fi
Space / Interdimensional Steam / Cyber punk Supernatural / Occult
Too much fiction to be science fiction, too much science to be anything else; whether an invasion from above or a mutation from below, Beware profiles an idyllic country town where all the best dreams and worst nightmares of the American experiment meet in a culmination of science fiction, nostalgia, adventure and horrific comedy.
Quarantine Zone Z
» Comic » Horror
Monsters Post-apocalyptic Robots / Mecha
» Graphic Novel » Action
Leading Ladies Supernatural / Occult
From the pages of Victoria's Secret Service comes this prequel featuring Scarlett. It takes a high-paying job to steal a necklace from a museum. While breaking into the museum, Rain discovers another robbery is taking place by two supernatural beings known as the Shadow Twins who are trying to steal a skeletal corpse for their friend Henry (a werewolf-vampire hybrid known as a Vrykolakas).
» Comic » Horror
Military Science
The colonies are on the brink of war. Ben Franklin, in an attempt to wrest hope from the clutches of despair, makes a Faustian gamble to fend off the greatest military force in the world. The 13 colonies are outmatched, under staffed, and outgunned. Faced with such odds, what is a founding father to do?