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Earth A.M.
Comic » Sci-Fi
Military Political
EARTH AFTER MUTATION: Over two hundred years ago, humanity split into four factions. The resulting war has yet to end...
Celestial Chronicle Shion
Manga » Sci-Fi
Monsters Space / Interdimensional Supernatural / Occult
The crew of the Shion is fighting against draconic aliens, but what are these symbols they find? These sounds they hear? There's a bigger mystery that needs to be solved before the war can end.
Comic » Horror
Monsters Mythical Psychological Supernatural / Occult
What happens with a demon becomes bored of Hell? What happens when torturing the damned is no longer pleasurable? He seeks to renew his interest in his work in other ways. Join Raquel as he embarks on an adventure that will leave him changed forever! Inspired by Dante's The Divine Comedy and John Milton's Paradise Lost.
Comic » Sci-Fi
Military Monsters Supernatural / Occult
In 1994, a fourteen-year-old boy named MATT, witnesses a rare event called CLOUD-EMPTYING. A cloud falls from the sky in a hurricane storm and freezes everything on the ground it contacts. The cloud-emptying encases his neighbor's house in a block of ice and claims the life of a child, shattering the peaceful quiet of his small town. The following night, Matt looks outside his bedroom window to...
Comic » Fantasy
Magic Military Mythical
In first-century Britain, a family wages war against the Roman empire in defense of their home, their future, and each other.
God Summoner
Comic » Adventure
Faith Magic Mythical Post-apocalyptic Steam / Cyber punk
God Summoner is filled with images of Gods, Guns, and Inquisitors. The story follows Adelice Belmont, a gifted girl with the powers of a Summoner, and her struggle to return to her family, alive. In her journey, she teams up with the resistance group known as the Infidels and together go on an adventure to bring back the Old Gods and bring down Yram's oppressive religious regime.
Insurrection: Fox Operations
Comic » Action
Military Political Psychological
This is a story of corruption, betrayal & perpetual hardship. Insurrection takes you through the horror of insurgency in a developing nation, tells you what the lives of the people whose tomorrow is uncertain feels like. This fictional story is a voice attempting to tell the world what it means to be a common man & a dedicated soldier in a country where corruption is deeply rooted in every sector.
Day 165
Comic » Action
Fighting / Martial Arts Military Supernatural / Occult
Created by Tony Wright, Martin A. Perez, Joe Haemmerle, and Frank T. Allen, Day 165 is a series that examines the unexplained events that soldiers experience during their 165th day of service. Originally conceived as a webcomic, Day 165 has been rebooted and expanded into a full-color, one-shot, war comic in the vein of The Twilight Zone, Fightin' Army, and The 'Nam that will appeal to fans of...
Abominable Glory
Graphic Novel » Horror
Fighting / Martial Arts Military Monsters
WWII, the Himalayas. The British Commandos knew that extracting the Japanese spy would be difficult, but they thought the German Paratroopers would be the most monstrous thing they'd have to face. Find out how wrong they were in this tale of blood and bullets, monsters and madmen, and bravery beyond belief.
The Rainy Days
Comic » Sci-Fi
Aliens Science
In 1945, as Soviets cross the Oder river into Nazi Germany, a new enemy falls from the sky. Fast forward to 1953, the alien invasion grinds to a halt as rumors of a super weapon roam. A new army consisting of an agent, a child engineer, an alien, and a few thousand clones will try... something.
Comic » Fantasy
Love Murder
The first in an exciting, genre-bending series of Goth one-shots from critically-acclaimed writer Paul Allor and exciting newcomer Seth Adams! When a young Visigoth warrior named Dolphus finds himself spurned by his lover, Gerda, he throws himself into battle, seeking an honorable death that never seems to come. As desperation takes hold, Gerda works to save him... preferably in the most...