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» Graphic Novel » Slice of Life
Computers / Video games Family / Pets Friendship School
A world where social rank rules and your status sets your inevitable course in life -- sound familiar? Just imagine if it was all controlled by an app! In Averee's world, the usual trials of making your way into adulthood come with the added stress of Ranked, a ubiquitous and all-knowing tech innovation that awards you points for socially acceptable behavior and takes them away when you don't...
Dusk on the Margins
» Graphic Novel » Sci-Fi
Leading Ladies Mythical Political Post-apocalyptic Science
200 yrs from now the old city of Minerva is on the edge of a desert wilderness. At its center is an arcology run by the new aristocracy and their techno-Gaian religion. The paths of young Eligia and Galya are on a slow collision course caught between the dependencies and conflicts of their contrasting communities, surrounded by shadowy outlaws, and on the frontlines of an imperial power struggle.
The Book of Purgatory
» Graphic Novel » Drama
Fighting / Martial Arts Magic Mythical Psychological Supernatural / Occult
The Book of Purgatory is a comic adaptation/reinterpretation + crossover story between classical works of literature, depicting the stories themselves, and what could have happened after their endings. At the forefront of this story is Doctor Faust, and his demonic companion Mephistopheles.
The Gyro Universe
» Graphic Novel » Sci-Fi
Aliens Political Post-apocalyptic Space / Interdimensional
Set within a grand cosmic plot, The Gyro Universe presents a refreshing take on the invasion thriller. TGU is a science fiction story with a fantasy nature. It is the impossible & the improbable forged together to create a multi-narrative invasion. The family whose home is long gone, the reluctant soldier conflicted about his place in the universe, & the tyrannical chancellor behind it all.