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Staff Pick Free
» Comic » Sci-Fi
Aliens Post-apocalyptic Superhero
Warlash, an armored warrior of the apocalyptic future, is back in this pulse-pounding issues!
Ms. Walters
» Comic » Comedy
Aliens Humor Leading Ladies Science Supernatural / Occult
Ms. Bobbie Walters is out to find a new job and it seems her job hunt has led her to an exciting new prospect.
The Lump Sum Saga
» Comic » Sci-Fi
Aliens Anthropomorphic Space / Interdimensional
Two species; one mission - to plant a landing beacon that will guide the fleet to a rallying point on a new world full of hope and opportunity. The Commander and her crew soon discover that “habitable” is a biological two-edged sword. Prologue: Only the Fate of Our World introduces The Lump Sum Saga. It’s Redwall meets The Martian with a Twilight Zone twist.
Alliance of Outcasts
» Comic » Action
Aliens Monsters Robots / Mecha Superhero
In 2000 A.D. light and radiation from the Supernova of the star Betelgeuse lit up the sky above the Earth for 13 Hours. The effect on half of the planet caused mutations in many humans in many forms and threw the world into chaos. 15 years later, the result of illegal experiments, Lizard-man, escaped w/other test subjects and Altered and sheltered on an island. They are the Alliance of Outcasts.
The MudTown Crew
» Comic » Adventure
Aliens Humor Post-apocalyptic Steam / Cyber punk
In a post-apocalyptic dystopia, when a bullying kingdom threatens to overtake the tiny village of MudTown, a group of ill-prepared townsfolk must join a pair of out of shape pirate-outlaws and board a hot-air-balloon-airplane contraption to sail the skies and become a semi-capable force of good to save their people from impending doom or die trying. They’ll probably die.
Configuration Night: Issue One
» Comic » Sci-Fi
Aliens LGBTQ+ Love Space / Interdimensional
A little boy from Brooklyn has some special DNA without knowing what to do with it; gets followed by the men in black and takes the job of MC of "Configuration Night," known as "violentertainment" to his audience. Participants of the show view human slaves in arrays. The slave arrays trigger the watchers to violence. Literally-- just ask the nanobots implanted in the watchers' brains.
Black Beacon
» Comic » Sci-Fi
There's an intergalactic space station out there bigger than our solar system that wants everyone to come along and meet up. The beacon made it sound like a utopia, but what Niko finds upon her arrival is a lawless expanse where everyone is out for themselves and she's so late she doesn't even have a seat at the table.
Vertical Long-Strip Free
» Manga » Sci-Fi
Aliens Monsters Murder Psychological Steam / Cyber punk
◼"A Story Of Murder, Madness & Monsters"◼
Soul Chaser
» Comic » Action
Aliens Faith Fighting / Martial Arts Science Superhero
Soul Chaser is a futuristic re-imagining of the oldest and most popular adventure story ever told. Follows the tragic birth of a reluctant savior of a generation and the awesome powers he begins to learn how to harness within himself as he is chased throughout the galaxy by those who wish to rule over him or destroy him.
Mild Frenzy Collection
» Graphic Novel » Sci-Fi
Aliens Psychological Space / Interdimensional Supernatural / Occult
Biscuit-stealing monsters, vines that stretch to the moon, and terraforming robots -- enter a world closer to our own than you want to admit. Mild Frenzy Collection is a collection of weird short story comics that linger in the mind long after they're read. "With It’s Masterful Art, Mild Frenzy Anthology Volume 1 Revels in its Twilight Zone-esque Tone" - A Place to Hang Your Cape
True Power
» Manga » Slice of Life
Aliens Humor Love School
Mark just wants to write stories, but his worldview is changed by the appearance of someone riding on a... flashlight? It's Gio, an alien boy who wants to make a friend and Mark looks perfect - almost... COMPLETED.
» Manga » Fantasy
Aliens Leading Ladies Magic School Space / Interdimensional
Layla notices a mysterious student is suddenly in her class. The student is an alien, Pixel, who has an amazing power - he can create planets and stars! But he's not the only one who can. How can they survive against the most fearsome celestial body in the universe? Please read RIGHT TO LEFT. COMPLETED.