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Rising Stars
» Comic » Sci-Fi
Family / Pets Love School Superhero
A giant ball of light was heading to Earth, when it flashed everyone in utero was changed. Years later there was an earth quake a a local elementary school. When pieces of the school started to fall a young boy gave an example of his incredible strength. What will happen to these children with incredible power? How will the world react to them?
Vertical Long-Strip Free
Lovers in Crime
» Graphic Novel » Drama
Family / Pets LGBTQ+ Love Organized Crime Post-apocalyptic
In an alternate 50s, two men work to gain wealth and status, whilst concealing their romantic relationship from the rest of the world.
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» Comic » Drama
Family / Pets Friendship Magic Mystery Supernatural / Occult
Marie Chasez is thrown into a wild situation when she becomes the unwitting friend of a jungle of shape-shifting patrons from the mysterious club, "Menagerie". Now she must balance her untameable life whilst wading through a swamp of drama. Updates every second week.
» Comic » Teen
Family / Pets LGBTQ+ Love
Cris is a poor boy and full of debt. In order to pay it, he works very hard but it is still not enough. So his boss take that advantage and offer him that she will pay all of his debt by spying her daughter. So Cris accept the offer and disguise as a student of a prestigious school. Not to mention he disguise his self as a girl.
» Comic » Kids
Aliens Family / Pets Robots / Mecha
When two young siblings excitedly unwrap their final Christmas presents, they discover toy robots unlike anything they have ever seen. And with good reason. What the kids and their parents don’t know is that their quaint suburban home just became the beachhead for these self-aware ‘bots that have begun to explore the outside world.
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Knights of Geomora
» Comic » Fantasy
Anthropomorphic Family / Pets Fighting / Martial Arts LGBTQ+
After spending years of moving, the Robinsons siblings are uprooted from life in the capitol to the peaceful hometown of their parents. At their arrival, the siblings discover a dark secret from their family's past! With newfound friends and allies, the Robinson clan become the new protectors of their homeland. UPDATES ON TUESDAYS AND THURSDAYS
The Game of TF
» Comic » Comedy
Humor Magic Supernatural / Occult
A game night with friends is always a fun time. But throw in a magic board game that can tranform the player mid match and you have the makings for a great night to remember!
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Salvation Deity
» WebComic » Fantasy
Faith Fighting / Martial Arts Love Magic Mature
Immerse yourself in a fantasy world where 8 nations lived together harmoniously under the rule of their 8 Gods, until the year SD 915, where the Dark God Sir Alcan waged war against the world. As a temporary solution, the Gods sealed him and themselves, while the people continued to live without the divine. 17 years later, a Huran boy named Lernis will begin to weave a new thread in history.
Godsbane • 祟り神
» Manga » Fantasy
Magic Monsters Mystery Mythical Supernatural / Occult
Aros, a village doctor, sells his soul attempting to revive a colleague who can save them from apocalypse. Too bad she wants to stay dead and won't help! Now Aros must balance life as a healer and a killer and save his island from being literally burned to the ground.
Vertical Long-Strip Free
» WebComic » Fantasy
Leading Ladies Love Magic Modern Mythical
Yana thought she had left her life as a Celestian warrior behind. As her friendship with the Knights of Nosheau grows stronger by the day, so does imposing the threat of the Oashum Empire. Called to face the consequences of her past, her present grows more complex. As for the future - will she follow her destiny, or forge a path of her own?
Lost souls
» Graphic Novel » Fantasy
Magic Monsters Mystery Mythical Supernatural / Occult
Follow the journey of two Lost Souls, one a lab experiment that has only recently tasted freedom, the other a mysterious girl hiding from the world with only spirits for company. Watch how their fates collide and their primal natures clash against one another all the while the lab tries to claim back what it's lost.
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» WebComic » Action
Fighting / Martial Arts Leading Ladies Magic Mystery
Welcome to the Emorian Empire, where fighting against your own kind for the sake of entertainment is the only sense of control you can grasp. It is in this very world that Daehlys has learned to thrive and climb her way to the top. Wouldn't it be a shame if something (or someone) would come and mess it all up... [Updates once every two weeks on Thursday 9pm EDT]