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Wulfsbane Comics

Wulfsbane Comics

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Wulfsbane Comics 5 months ago:

Hey, Everyone! Welcome to Wulfsbane Comics, home to the comics that'll have you HOWLING! To introduce ourselves, we as a publisher aim to tell fun stories with all the heart and soul poured into every ounce of the page. WBC's Founder, Aaron Jordan, has a passionate love for storytelling and wanted to create worlds that have both meaning and substance.

In order to show you what we bring to the table, our first book, WULFSBANE #1 will be available for FREE from now until the end of July. We hope you enjoy it. Follow us on as we go beyond expectations with our next project.

25 pages
Read Wulfsbane  1 Page 3 in English
Read Wulfsbane  1 Page 2 in English
Read Wulfsbane  1 Page 1 in English