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John 8 months ago

For those who would like to save their time:

If you were coming for a in-depth action story. You came to the wrong place.

While attempting to read this, I found myself getting lost… a lot. The dialogue was written so poorly. It jumps from one thing to another leaving the reader confused.

It’s easy to get bored quick too, the creator didn’t put much effort into the the sketch process. Lots of empty backgrounds and lack of detail throughout the comic. The lack of color also enhances the blandness of the sketches.

The story building process could have been adapted in such a better way. But because it was so rushed, and the amount things/actions that occurred without explanation killed it for me.

All in all this comic was rushed and needed more attention. As for my advice, don’t waste your time.


DrAlanR 3 months ago

That bird definitely gets around....