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InkBushi 1 month ago:

Blind’s development is gonna be on hold for a while, not sure how long but I’m gonna be starting a new manga, better planed and made to my liking!

InkBushi 2 months ago:

First off, apologizes for me taking so long with chapter 3… I am still working on it and I am close to done! I also want to thank those who have waited! Struggle on!

InkBushi 3 months ago:

updated the mature content label on the comic, did some reviewing and it is not that mature, later on though if some chapters I deem mature then I will appropriately label them! give your thoughts too if you think something is off

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Christopher admin supporter 4 months ago

Chapter mostly

InkBushi 4 months ago:

Finally found my way through this place! quite awesome sight! chapter 1 is out and chapter 2 is close to being done!

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