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Claricee 1 month ago:

I’m soo happy to see all the new creators who have joined GlobalComix over the past few days!! It’s great to see this amazing site grow!


Clara 1 month ago

Hello hello! I´m finally here!!!

Claricee 1 month ago:

I just set up donations here!! Didn’t know I could do that until now! Any support is welcome & very much appreciated! Thank y’all 😁❤️

Claricee 2 months ago:

Planning on redrawing the first 2 episodes of Inevitable Destiny once S2 is plotted out and set in stone 😁

Claricee 2 months ago:

Keep your eyes peeled for a new YouTube video soon where I'll talk about making S1 of Inevitable Destiny, what I've learned, & moving forward with S2!!

Claricee 3 months ago:

Thank you all for your support during the first season of Inevitable Destiny!!
Season 2 will begin on January 4th, but until then, keep an eye out for promos & a S1 recap!

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Kekreations 1 month ago

Ahhh this was all amazing!!! This one got me right in the feels! 😭 I love Blackbeard! I can't wait for season 2


Claricee 1 month ago

@Kekreations: 🥺😭🏴‍☠️💔

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