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Comic - Horror

A family that will do anything to live forever holds the key to eternal life. Can they use it to escape their fate? One man stands between them and their goal: a stranger with a priceless secret. A time spanning horror drama in the vein of Galilee, this series will have you questioning what YOU would do to live forever.

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Things From The Internet

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This is a profile about random collections of funny things from the internet.

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Brodin Swolefather

Comic - Comedy

Brodin gifts us with the Swole of the Body when we worship him at the Iron Temples and present penance of the plates.

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Reckless Hero

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The Last Sheriff

Comic - Action

The Last Sheriff follows John H. Wilson, a former Sheriff who sets about toppling the corrupt Coalition regime and bringing back law and order.

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Tales of Midgard

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Tales of Midgard is a collection of fantasy comics with a steampunk twist. see:

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The Ascendant

Comic - Adventure

After feeling remorse for his misdeeds, an escaped Duke of Hell romps through Rome, Naples and Italy attempting to make up for his transgressions.

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William the Last

Graphic Novel - Fantasy