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Comic - Adventure

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Humanoids from the Deep

Graphic Novel - Horror

The blood-crazed, mutant fish-men from Roger Corman's 1980's classic Humanoids from the Deep are back for more. When the humanoids crash an island high school graduation party, it's all Ann and her best friend Cindy, can do to survive.

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Judo Girl

Graphic Novel - Action

Adjusting to modern day life is one thing. Fighting the female assassin Silencer is another. Worse, one of Judo Girl's (Diana Moore) most dangerous adversaries from the 1960s resurfaces to complicate her life, Lincoln Stanley, aka Hep Cat. Has he really reformed, as he claims, or is he back to his old tricks? Check out this exclusive, never-before-seen, Judo Girl story!

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Odyssey Presents

Graphic Novel - Fantasy

TidalWave's superhero group gets featured in this cool one-shot featuring never before seen images of 10th Muse, Isis, Judo Girl, and more!

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Comic - Action

The dusty desert town of Redemption survived the apocalypse but is hanging on by a thread. A despot rules the town with an iron fist and controls its most precious resource: water. When that strongman marks her mother for death, young Rose Obregon ventures into the perilous wasteland to seek the help of the legendary gunslinger Cat Tanner.

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TidalWave Presents

Graphic Novel - Action

From the creators of 10th Muse, ISIS, and Judo Girl, TidalWave is ready to introduce the next generation of heroes. In the coming months you'll get to know Tom Corbett: Space Cadet, Styx and Stone, Missile to the Moon, Tony & Cleopatra, and Plan 9 from Outer Space. But you can meet them right now in TidalWave's new 32-page sampler. Get a quick taste of some of the industry's up and coming artists...

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Broken Gargoyles

Comic - Sci-Fi

In this Dieselpunk post-WWI mini-series, two men come home from the war scarred and forgotten. One man is looking for redemption as the other looks for revenge. Both are on a collision course toward each other and nothing can stop them.

Guinevere and the Divinity Factory

Comic - Action

Follow Guinevere, an apprentice witch, as she must earn her place in the magical coven of The Great Wizard Gatsby.

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The Case Files of Harlan Falk

Graphic Novel - Horror

A respected hostage negotiation expert loses his mind when a bizarre kidnapping case results in a child’s unexplained death. His wild talk of murderous monsters born from the victim’s own imagination is impossible to believe, and the catastrophe sees him driven out of business in a cycle of alcoholism, denial and despair.

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Graphic Novel - Action

Carlos, a regular duck living in the great city of Featherbay, just got dumped by his girlfriend, his life as a freelance do-it-all is going nowhere, and he must make some grown up decisions: to get a real job, get his girl back, and stop drinking. That is, until he gets super powers and becomes the only duck in the world who can stop a powerful creature who's destroying the city on a vengeful ram

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Markosia Enterprises

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Markosia was established in 2005 and has become one of the UK’s leading publishers of graphic novels. Based in London, we have gained a reputation for producing a diverse range of comic books and graphic novels that cover almost all genres.

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215 Ink

Followers: 28

Indie comic book publisher, friend to new and experienced writers, artists, creators.

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Arcana Comics

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Arcana Comics has over 5,000 characters that transcend gender, age, and cultural and geographic boundaries. Arcana owns one of the world’s largest libraries of graphic novels. In 2012, Arcana opened an animation division to develop and produce it’s content for all platforms including film, television, direct-to-home and digital media.

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Red 5 Comics

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Red 5 Comics creates and produces cinematic-style comic book entertainment. It earned the 2007 Gem Award for Best New Publisher and its titles have been nominated for three Eisner Awards and two Harvey Awards. It was founded by Paul Ens, former Director of Lucasfilm’s Lucas Online, and Scott Chitwood, co-founder of and writer for and ComingSoon.Net.

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Unlikely Heroes Studios

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Unlikely Heroes Studios is an independent comic book company with a team spread out all over America. They create, print, and publish high-quality comics for high-quality people.

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Pocket Jacks Comics

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Writer / Creator Preston Poulter publishes comics under the label Pocket Jacks Comics®.

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Big Dog Ink

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Big Dog Ink has been publishing comics for over ten years! Our stories span genres from super heroes and westerns to sci fi and horror!

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Scout Comics

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GlobalComix Originals

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Hey, it's us! We're in the process of releasing Resilience: A COVID Anthology, a collaboration with world class creators who want to support great organizations affected by COVID. You can support by buying a subscription and reading - 100% of your subscription goes to them! Questions? Contact us at [email protected]

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Australian business company that produces comics and graphic novels.