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Bearded Man Comics

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Independent publishing company founded on 2019 which is behind the comic series “Adventures of a System Admin” and “Mythology Stories”. Series created by Juan Espinosa which is also the founder and create at Bearded Man Comics.

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The Maroon

Comic - Thriller

The Maroon follows the exploits of a lone nameless Black Seminole, on the run from the law for an atrocity that was pinned on him! But as he searches for sanctuary, he not only encounters fiendish men and women but mythical figures as well as the supernatural! The story details the events of a lone nameless Black Seminole, on the run from the law for an atrocity that was pinned on him!

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GlobalComix Originals

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Hey, it's us! We're in the process of releasing Resilience: A COVID Anthology, a collaboration with world class creators who want to support great organizations affected by COVID. You can support by buying a subscription and reading - 100% of your subscription goes to them! Questions? Contact us at [email protected]

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Spencer Scott Holmes

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I'm Spencer Scott Holmes, the funky fresh dude that creates the sitcom styled Indie Comic book series, Pizza Boyz! Loaded with multimedia fueled good time adventures to always put a smile on ones face. And I also record the Old Man Orange, Via VHS, Indie Comix Club, and Spencer Scott Holmes Podcasts. Party time, excellent! Come by and say hello.

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Graphic Novel - Action

Regina Ragowski is a salty Marine Vet who suddenly finds herself without pants during the initial zombie outbreak in California.

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SARTANA: The Comic Book

Comic - Crime

The Spaghetti Western Legend rides again.