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Digital Fiasco

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EC3D Design

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Creator and publisher of The Ignis Quadrant universe - a rip-roaring space-western adventure where the whiskey is cold, the lasers are hot, and the danger is all too real!

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Edison Neo

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Publisher of MONSTER MATADOR and other cool comics. We make comics you want to read!


Comic - Action

A delightfully demented post-apocalyptic throw-down in which Matador Ramon Alejandro Estévez-Guerrero take up his sword and cape against the monsters that turned the world into a lawless, Kaiju-infested hellscape.

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GAPO the Clown

Graphic Novel - Comedy

GAPO the Clown is the host of GAPO's SUPER HAPPY FUN SHOW, a top-rated children's television show. Because he's on TV kids and parents love him, but his lack of morals and human decency are always leading him and the poor people around him into odd situations that lead to hilarity.

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Rocket Ink Studios

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Rocket Ink Studios publishes books, Graphic Novels, comics & trading cards. From original concepts, creator owned & licensed properties.

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Wall Breakers

Comic - Horror

Hot, noisy, and ruthless. New York is suffering one of its worst heatwaves in history. An average joe comes across a mysterious object of occult origin; accidentally unleashing an enemy of pure, unrelenting evil! They are many, and he but one. Can he survive the hunt? Find out in Wall Breakers, a hard-hitting, non-stop, action-adventure, a one-shot comic by Jorge Zevallos!

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Publisher of Future Sci-Fi Tales comic book anthology series, De-Aged, Stones. Caspian Porter. Writer & Publisher: Drew D. Lenhart.

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Demon in a Spacesuit

Comic - Sci-Fi

Who is the mysterious man in the spacesuit? What does he want? Find out with this first amazing issue!!

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Space Coast Comixx

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SCCX is a publisher of Comic Books, Graphic Novels, Anthologies, Books, Magazines, poem books, films and so much more. We are here to entertain and create original IP along with working with other creative individuals in the field of entertainment.

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215 Ink

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Indie comic book publisher, friend to new and experienced writers, artists, creators.