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Comic - Adventure

When a Class-D superhero winds up an accessory to quadruple murder, he is blackmailed into becoming the sidekick of ruthless but lovable Window Pain Man.

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Over the Ropes

Comic - Sports

A young high-flyer named Jason Lynn goes off-script in a match to win the world title and sets the southern territory on fire as the face-painted wrestler, Phoenix. Jason's battles between the ropes are only outperformed by his struggles outside the ring. No matter what problems smack him with a steel chair, Jason lives by his catchphrase: I. Will. Rise.

Championship Wrestling League

Comic - Action

Championship Wrestling League is all of the wrestling action you're used to on your TV screen SLAMMED into your comic book pages! Follow @cwlcomic on Instagram and Facebook!

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Cult Comics

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Shamurai: The False Ronin

Comic - Action

A man named Buyou Takeshi, pretending to be a courageous samurai, travels between towns in order to trick their people into giving him money for slaying false monsters. When real-life demons come about, he is summoned to defeat them. Will he become the truly honorable warrior that he pretends to be?

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BHP Comics

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BHP (Bold Heart Publishing) is an independent publishing house based in Glasgow, Scotland. It publishes graphic novels, comics, and comic art books from established and emerging creators. It is a hybrid of mainstream and indie publishing.

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Comic - Sci-Fi

Killtopia is set in future Japan, and follows a salvage hunter called Shinji and his robot sidekick, Crash. Once word gets out that Crash holds the secret to curing a deadly nano-virus that’s killed millions around the world, every bounty hunter and Yakuza thug for 1000 city blocks joins the hunt for our heroes. Can they survive the night and change the course of humanity forever?