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fracadactyl favorited Halloween Team 1 week ago
Halloween Team

Comic - Horror

Years ago, five misfit kids banded together to form Halloween Team - a group dedicated to solving mysteries and hunting monsters in the small town of Greenwood, MA. Now, twenty years later, the kids are grown and lead separate lives - until a new mystery brings them together for one more adventure. And that adventure begins with this thrilling four-issue comic book series! If you're a fan of Stranger Things, Paper Girls, Buffy, or just love...

fracadactyl favorited Dwellings by Jay Stephens 1 week ago
Dwellings by Jay Stephens

Comic - Horror

Jay Stephens’ ongoing cute-as-hell horror anthology series! Dwellings deftly blends retro cuteness with classic horror.

fracadactyl favorited NYOBI #1 1 week ago

Comic - Action

Before developing her powers, Nyobi was performing in all-girl J-pop super-group The Geisha Dolls. At age 16, during a meet-and-greet at the Mega-Plex mall in Tokyo, Nyobi's powers manifested while she was being mobbed by a large group of fans. A ring of light flashed in front of everyone's eyes and she was gone. She reappeared at the back of the building, and quickly realized her life was about to change forever. This is her story.

John Carpenter's Tales of Science Fiction

Comic - Horror

John Carpenter’s Tales of Science Fiction is the definitive collection of stories at the crossroads of horror and sci-fi. Follow us into a dark future, from post-apocalyptic earth, into space and beyond. Each mini series explores the universal fears of the unknown, alien life, interstellar travel, and the age old question, can anyone can hear you scream in space. The answer is no.

fracadactyl favorited Heavy Metal 1 month ago
Heavy Metal

Comic - Action

First published in 1977, Heavy Metal, the world's foremost illustrated fantasy magazine, explores fantastic and surrealistic worlds, alternate realities, science fiction and horror, in the past present and future. Writers and illustrators from around the world take you to places you never dreamed existed. Heavy Metal was the first magazine to bring European legends Moebius, Tanino Libertore,...

fracadactyl favorited Amputation Capital 2 months ago
Amputation Capital

Comic - Thriller

Amputation Capital is a dystopian present where celebrities and influencers sell body parts on a publicly-traded skin market. The story focuses on three characters that are displaced and objectified by the skin business. Alfie is a lowly skin trader who has dreams of becoming a CEO, Morgan is a recently divorced actress who sold her ring finger for 2 million dollars and Walter is a former pornstar who makes a symbolic gesture of solidarity after appearing...

fracadactyl favorited Decay 2 months ago

Comic - Horror

A supernatural revenge thriller that will keep audiences guessing and rip your heart out. Fans of horror with a mystery will love "Decay".

fracadactyl favorited Killtopia 2 months ago

Comic - Sci-Fi

Killtopia is set in future Japan, and follows a salvage hunter called Shinji and his robot sidekick, Crash. Once word gets out that Crash holds the secret to curing a deadly nano-virus that’s killed millions around the world, every bounty hunter and Yakuza thug for 1000 city blocks joins the hunt for our heroes. Can they survive the night and change the course of humanity forever?

fracadactyl favorited RAGS 2 months ago

Graphic Novel - Action

Regina Ragowski is a salty Marine Vet who suddenly finds herself without pants during the initial zombie outbreak in California.

fracadactyl favorited American Dreams 2 months ago
American Dreams

Comic - Action

New York City. 1900. Jake Gold, a Jewish immigrant, works in a sweatshop by day, and fights in a street gang at night. But when a mad science experiment by Thomas Edison goes horribly wrong, Jake gains superpowers. Now, he has to decide what to do with them.

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Bezel Comix

Followers: 8

I draw and write stories.

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Invader Comics

Followers: 40

Indie comic book publisher, friend to new and experienced writers, artists, creators.

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Rocket Ink Studios

Followers: 21

Rocket Ink Studios publishes books, Graphic Novels, comics & trading cards. From original concepts, creator owned & licensed properties.

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Dark Fire Press

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Dark Fire Press is a publisher of books, comics, art books, and writing collections. It primarily focuses on original, creator-owned works and personal projects.

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Arcana Comics

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Arcana Comics has over 5,000 characters that transcend gender, age, and cultural and geographic boundaries. Arcana owns one of the world’s largest libraries of graphic novels. In 2012, Arcana opened an animation division to develop and produce it’s content for all platforms including film, television, direct-to-home and digital media.

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Broken Icon Comics

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BIC specializes in horror titles with deep characters and rad beasties from cover to cover.

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Hi~! I'm Ghostmaya Creator of Oh MY Ghost Webtoon and Boygirl Webtoon~! I love to make comics and I'm planning to be a full time comic artist~! ^_^

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Art Crumbs

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~ Creator of the Godsbane and Onami ~ Community Staff here on GlobalComix

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Red 5 Comics

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Red 5 Comics creates and produces cinematic-style comic book entertainment. It earned the 2007 Gem Award for Best New Publisher and its titles have been nominated for three Eisner Awards and two Harvey Awards. It was founded by Paul Ens, former Director of Lucasfilm’s Lucas Online, and Scott Chitwood, co-founder of and writer for and ComingSoon.Net.

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AWA Studios

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Where the best creators do their best work, for you.