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BellaTheArtist favorited Halloween Zine 2022 4 weeks ago
Halloween Zine 2022

Comic - Fantasy

A short zine I put together for Halloween 2022, featuring work from past Inktobers, my art journal, and quite a few witches and centaurs. Also a witch centaur.

Legend of Flow and Henry

Graphic Novel - Fantasy

It’s about A human girl who hates humans and a monster who wants to be human. They live together on a in house country side.

Godfather Death webtoon retelling

WebComic - Fantasy

A brother Grimm tales. About a Grim reaper raising a young boy.

BellaTheArtist favorited The Unicorn Coat 1 month ago
The Unicorn Coat

Comic - Adventure

Giselle is the absolute worst princess in the world. Since she's a princess, she always has gotten what she wants. Until she wants a unicorn. Everything unraveled after that.

Your Future Past [PAGE FORMAT]

WebComic - Fantasy

The Five Worlds lived peacefully together for centuries under the rule of powerful beings known as Erdens. But after the Erden of Timeflow, Evangeline, is killed and an inter-dimensional war rages, the Erdens disappear from their people as tensions rise and worlds fall. Only when a rumor arises of reviving the fallen goddess that hope begins to return and individuals are tossed into destiny - all to save their worlds and the universe itself.

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An artist and writer. Day job is teaching, at night I draw comics. Personal work includes The Unicorn Coat, Under Sagittarius, and You are the Reason for the End of the World.

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Comic artist and animator running on Diet Coke and Starbucks energy drinks, all to create stories for you to enjoy!

Mother: A Post Apocalyptic Tale

Comic - Horror

Koni never knew the color of the sun. It was time for her to join her mother, Asha, on her first carry out into the wastelands. They were to bring materials for water filters to the dying village of Vine Ayre, but with only seven days' time, could they make it through their unforgiving, dead world? Could Asha shield her daughter from burning in the rain? Could a mother keep her daughter safe? A...