Looking for work drawing and inking comics

My name is Hannah K.C Davis and I am a comic artist who works on a weekly comic called Ms. Walters and other projects. I'd like to gain more work in the comics industry and my best skills are drawing and inking comic pages.

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Published: Jul 10, 2021

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Status: Open

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Inker ($45.00 - $85.00 Flat Rate)


My name is Hannah K.C. Davis and I am looking for work as an artist and inker. Currently I'm working on my weekly comic, Ms. Walters and I've had experience inking another comic called Mr. Teacher and Panda. I'd like to gain more as well as build up my network as a comic artist. 

Ms. Walters

Mr. Teacher and Panda

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Kids (3-12) Teenagers (13-18) Adults (18+)


Humor LGBTQ+ Science Supernatural / Occult

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Manga / Manwha Simplistic Toon

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Artist (6 years experience)

Primary Skill/Role Published Self-Owned Work

First I worked on a weekly comic titled "TIN" a comic about a young farmhand and his strange adventures.

My second project/current project is a weekly comic called Ms. Walters, a sci-fi/comedy about a woman who takes a job as an onsite nurse for two oddball brothers who experiment with the unknown. 

I also worked on pages for Mr. Teacher and Panda comics. Nine pages about the scientist and her adventures in the Jurassic era. 

Inker (4 years experience)

Published Self-Owned Work