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Friendship Leading Ladies Science Space / Interdimensional Teenagers (13-18)
Adults (18+)
Prohibition Sci-Fi
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20 pages (FREE)
Read Warshiner  2 Page 3 in English
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2: Warshiner #2
178 views • Sep 01, 2020
Queen Sana and Evelyn square away a deal and are going to make alcohol, Mum’s will be the brand name after Evelyn’s mother. All the while a growing interest in Evelyn's and the Queen's plans are being felt across the galaxy.
20 pages (FREE)
Read Warshiner  1 Page 3 in English
Read Warshiner  1 Page 2 in English
Read Warshiner  1 Page 1 in English
1: Warshiner #1
269 views • Sep 01, 2020
Dr. Evelyn Ambrose a botanist on the run from Earth who is about to be offered a very interesting business proposition. In a time when the universe’s largest empire has banned all alcohol, Evelyn finds herself producing alcohol on a foreign planet with the intent to distribute in dry space. Luckily she is not alone, she lives with a cast of colorful, capable & dangerous characters that guide.