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36 pages
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1: The Obsidian
340 views • Oct 12, 2021
While hunting in the woods, young Waldin falls down into a chamber. Unknowingly, he becomes the guardian of the Obsidian, a powerful magical stone and the objective of the Hyrux attack on Waldin's homeland of Thesnia.
39 pages
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2: Gunar
15 views • Oct 12, 2021
After the evil Hyrux attacked Dimali, the capital of North-Thesnia, they continue to search for the dark and mysterious magic stone called the Obsidian. Little do they know that Gillian Waldin, an innocent young boy, already found it inside a hidden tomb in the Dunun forest. Now the savage brutes, led by the fearless dragon rider Barec Hygarusk, are on their way to Bornheim and closer to Waldin.
40 pages
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3: The Tournament
20 views • Oct 12, 2021
After Gillian is rescued by the brave knight Gunar, he is welcome to stay with his family in the north. In order to save Ariana from the evil Hyrux, he competes in a tournament organized by Ruan Erynor, the prince of Thesnia. The tournament serves as training for those wishing to join the war against the Hyrux. But not everyone there is what they seem and dangerous opponents await our hero.