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Chapter1: The watermill of Kessheim
1140 views • Aug 19, 2017
The first chapter of Tales of Midgard : The Age of Magic.

Lexflex admin 2 years ago

Very cool!


Tales-of-Midgard 2 years ago

Glad you liked it! Tales of Midgard is an ongoing comic, but currently, there are several more chapters done. Right now we're halfway through chapter 12, so chapters 2 to 11, which are all ready and available, are soon going to be uploaded here as well. If you don't want to wait for the uploads here, feel free to check out the remaining chapters on


Nimloth admin 2 years ago

Oh, this is cool! I've read through a few more chapters on your website already :) I think I saw you mention that you'd be adding panels/frames to this also? Let us know how you find that experience!


jamieharbert 1 year ago

Midgard this is awesome work you are doing on this comic Book keep your skill level sharp best of luck.


Tales-of-Midgard 1 year ago

Thanks! Glad you like it! :)