Aliens Space / Interdimensional Adults (18+)
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32 pages
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1: Coherent Wave Interference Pattern
NSFW 597 views • Jan 24, 2020
A 21st-Century cosmic hero myth, this is SUPERNAUT! Reality-hopping thieves join the newly ascended consciousness of Astronaut Stephen Haddon - now known as the Supernaut - pulling trans-dimensional capers across the Macroverse! Strange artifacts on the Moon, meeting God and stealing a map to the land of the dead from a secret pyramid beneath the Pentagon.
26 pages
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2: Science:1972
NSFW 81 views • Jan 24, 2020
Trans-temporal intruders! Continuing his race to acquire five Outer Universal Artifacts that can stop God from bringing a close to Reality itself, Supernaut travels to an alternate Earth to recover a suit of armor called The Godbreaker. This classic sci-fi tale sees Supernaut facing off alone against lost creatures, signals from space, and the most dangerous of all, his own past.
26 pages
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3: The Secret Particles, This Collapsing Dance
NSFW 34 views • Jan 24, 2020
An impossible theft at the edge of the universe! Supernaut leads a group of inter-dimensional thieves to steal a Book of Knowledge from fallen gods. Hidden deep in a citadel and protected by deadly aliens and ghastly traps, the group must recover the Book, and evade betrayal and death at every turn. Can the team pull off "The Book Job" and continue their quest to stop universal cataclysm?
26 pages
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4: Sever the Ignorant Doubt in your Heart
NSFW 27 views • Jan 24, 2020
Sword quest! Supernaut and his band of thieves adventure across a conglomerate planetoid that connects different planets unstuck in space and time. They search for the last artifact needed to stop God from killing reality - a sword of immeasurable power. Supernaut faces off against the sword's ancient wyvern protector deep in a secret underground lair, continuing his mythic quest.
36 pages
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5: Godfight
NSFW 106 views • Jan 24, 2020
It's a throwdown in the great beyond! Having collected the metaphysical totems necessary to open the way, Supernaut enters the superspace beyond our universe to face off against God Himself. Fighting through the strata of the foundations of Reality, he attempts to stop the Apocalypse of all things. Other Supernauts have come before. Others have fallen. All hope is lost. It is time to end the end.