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1: Meet the Brothers!
83 views • May 12, 2019
Meet Sticktoon! He's a Chuckle-worthy fellow with loads of ideas! And then there's Cheky, his deeply-rooted, intellectual brother who is never often into his brother's wacky antics.
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2: Inseparable Brothers
31 views • May 12, 2019
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3: Drain Damage!
21 views • May 12, 2019
Stick, buddy... I don't think that's a way to clean a shower....
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4: Sticktoon's Mad Scientist Phase
19 views • May 12, 2019
Sometimes we all go through a phase... Sticktoon's is being a mad scientist.
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5: Can't Tell the Difference
20 views • May 12, 2019
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6: There Goes The News...
11 views • May 14, 2019
All the way to the gutter.
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7: Transportation Affixation
10 views • May 21, 2019
Sometimes its easier just to take the plane...
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8: One Bad Date
9 views • Jun 02, 2019
...we all can't have luck with dates. Not even Blind ones.
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9: Being the New Guy.
9 views • Jun 02, 2019
It stinks to be the new guy...
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10: High-Flyin' Con Artist
8 views • Jun 02, 2019
Never trust a guy in a trenchcoat if he's offering you a plane that can only fly 200 meters off the ground without risking being dismantled....
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11: Techno-Honkey
9 views • Jun 02, 2019
Next thing we know, we're gonna end up moving back to the stone age!
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12: Fridays in Black are just Wack!
8 views • Jun 02, 2019
(LOST EPISODE) Now, I knew Black Friday is an insane holiday, but I never thought it'd be to a degree like this!
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13: One Speedy Generation
8 views • Jun 02, 2019
...seriously, am I moving too slow? Or are we going too fast?
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14: Late Night Homework Pain
11 views • Jun 16, 2019
Don't laugh... we all have gone through it at least once... or twice...
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15: When Spring Break Ends...
7 views • Jun 16, 2019
...its a sad day, even for college students.
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16: Hypnotic Cringe
7 views • Jun 16, 2019
You ever seen something so bad that you can't stop watching...?
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17: Daylight Savings Pain
7 views • Jun 16, 2019
Daylight Savings can be a real pain if you forget to set your clocks back. Or forward... or back... or forward-back... uhh....
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18: Luck O' The Wabbit!
5 views • Jun 25, 2019
It's a Lucky Day for some, yet unlucky for others...
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19: Godly Answer
5 views • Jun 25, 2019
Well... He wasn't very specific was he...?
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20: Spring is in the Air...
6 views • Jun 25, 2019 someone out there is surely having a bad case of spring fever, hehe. Get well soon, Sticktoon!
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21: Spring Fever
6 views • Jul 02, 2019
Looks like Sticktoon's gonna be Bed-Ridden for a while.
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22: Procrastination
6 views • Jul 02, 2019
Hey, you PROCRASTINATOR!! Get back to work!
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23: Stick Foolery!
3 views • May 19, 2020
Whether or not, April Fool's Day can be a fun day.... ...just make sure that karma is on YOUR side when pulling a prank.
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24: Karma's-A Blazin'!
2 views • May 20, 2020
....and it's goin' down like a big ol' heap of fire.
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25: Morning Motivation
3 views • May 21, 2020
We all have rough days... but with a little morning motivation, you'll be back in gear, and maybe even ready, to make tomorrow a better one.
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26: A Stick's Alternative Existence
2 views • May 22, 2020
(SEASON 1 FINALE) So... Sticktoon and Cheky find out that someone else has the name Sticktoons but with a capital "T." Oh dear... EXISTENTIALISM, ACTIVATE!
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27: A Stick's Alternative Existence
4 views • Jun 01, 2020
Continuing where the last episode left off, Sticktoon realizes that he and Cheky are in a comic strip. What will they do with their newfound discovery? Probably abuse it whenever they want in later strips.
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28: TV Pain
1 views • Jun 02, 2020
Who ya' gonna call? Definitely not SEARS... have you seen their customer service lately?
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29: Copy 'n' Paste
1 views • Jun 03, 2020
I don't know if this is a running joke in the industry, but a "certain" animation channel, has been going around and making all of the recent cartoons look exactly like each other, and boy it's.... MINDBOGGLING....
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30: Information Corruption
1 views • Jun 04, 2020
Looks like Sticktoon got tired of trying to watch a unique TV show and decided to move onto movies. I swear, those "Sign in with your (insert social media here) buttons" just follow you and try to steal whatever information you have.... it's no wonder I don't use Facebook anymore.
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31: Grand Theft Persuasion
2 views • Jun 05, 2020
Sticktoon... I don't think IOU's are the way to buying your dad a car... Maybe a card would have been better.
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32: Be the Art~
1 views • Jun 07, 2020
In his spare time, Cheky loves to create art... but much to Sticktoon's chagrin, he's always a part of the piece. Well Sticktoon, you always did say you wanted to be seen more often.
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33: Paperboy Plunders
1 views • Jun 08, 2020
If there's one thing Sticktoon hates... it's when the Sunday (or Thursday) Paper doesn't have his special comic strips. Geez Sticky... don't shoot the paperboy... he just delivers papers not makes them.
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34: Loving Moms & Disappointed Dads
2 views • Jun 09, 2020
Oh Dad.... where mom finds a joy in the little things your kids do, you're always disappointed when one of your sons go out of line.
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35: A Stick in the Sand
0 views • Jun 10, 2020
What better way to kick off the summer than a trip to the beach? For Sticktoon & Cheky...? It's getting into a tussle with a big ol' surfer.
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36: Mighty Numbered Disappointment
0 views • Jun 11, 2020
Mighty No. 9 is out... ...and now Sticktoon's wallowing like a stick buried into the ground.
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37: A Blank Canvas
4 views • Jun 12, 2020
Sometimes you just have to look at your canvas and think, "Man... what am I going to come up with today..?"
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38: The Pet Goat
0 views • Jun 13, 2020
Sticktoon's not much of an dog or cat person, but when it comes to goats, he LOVES them.
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39: What an Arrowhead...
0 views • Jun 14, 2020
Arrowhead? More like AIRHEAD! (canned laughter)
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40: The Camping Trip!
1 views • Jun 15, 2020
It's time for a trip... a CAMPING TRIP!! And we have to record every moment, Sticktoon... EVERY moment.
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41: The Perfect Tan
1 views • Jun 16, 2020
Marshmallows always get the perfect tan, so why can't people do the same? ...I think Sticktoon added a reason to why we can't...
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42: A Quite Peaceful Trip So Far...
0 views • Jun 17, 2020
It's been 8 days so far, and the camping trip for Sticktoon and Cheky have been very peaceful.... for the most part. Hope this doesn't jinx them later...
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43: A RARE Find!
0 views • Jun 18, 2020
As the Camping Trip continues to go well, Sticktoon accidentally finds a highly indigenous avian species that spews a type of goo in order to capture its prey. Hey, is this a regular forest...? Or am I seeing weird creatures hiding about? (The file unfortunately ran into a problem during editing, but the strip will be fixed and clearer when possible.)
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44: A Stretchy New Friend
0 views • Jun 19, 2020
On their way through the forest's trail, they ended up meeting a new friend! A very... very... VEEERRRYYYY stretchy new friend.
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45: Important Messages, Bad Timing
1 views • Jun 20, 2020
Oh Sticky... always saying something at a time either irrelevant or far too late, one message at a time.
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46: Camp Raided!
1 views • Jun 21, 2020
And to think, this camping trip was going off smoothly... Now it looks like our slim-drawn friends are STRANDED in the woods! What will they do? How will they survive?! And WHERE will they find their next meal?!
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47: Recreational Vehicle Chasers
1 views • Jun 22, 2020
(Season 2 Finale) Sticktoon and Cheky's RV have been STOLEN by a bunch of forest animals that don't even know the difference between a gear shift and a walking ditch. Looks like these two might be stuck in the forest for a while. But what I do know though, is that Mother Nature don't take kindly to no strangers. Sticktoon's right... they should have gone to Disneyworld instead.
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48: Lost Episodes!
31 views • Jun 23, 2020
During my usual days of cartoon making, I stumbled across a file of episodes I forgot to post! So to make up for it, here's a page of episodes and panels that didn't fully make it in the past two seasons!
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49: Return of a Pen's Plaything
15 views • Sep 05, 2021
The STICK is back... and after a long vacation, I don't think he's happy about it. *** Welcome to SEASON 3! Hooray~! Sorry for the long delay, I've been working on some other projects for a while. But the STICK truly is back! And he's going to stick around longer.
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50: Signature Style
3 views • Sep 09, 2021
Everyone else in my world has an upgraded Signature look... so why not Sticktoon?
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51: A Normal Pet
4 views • Sep 12, 2021
Everyone has a pet they love. Sticktoon's just happens to be his pet goat, Billy. Eh, its not the most abnormal thing out there.
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52: Billy's Bath
3 views • Sep 16, 2021
Billy the Goat loves bubble baths, and Sticktoon is always happy to oblige.
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53: Don't Drop the Drink!
5 views • Sep 19, 2021
Careful not to drop your drink! Stick will do you a favor and catch it.
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54: Upgrade to the Router
2 views • Sep 24, 2021
With the new-fangled consoles out there being more ridiculous in design than last-gen... I think I'm better off buying the router than the fridge. Hey, Sony! Could you revive your Japan studio? PLEASE?!
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55: Like Peas in a Pod!
13 views • Sep 26, 2021
Sticktoon and Cheky are brothers to the end... even when they want to kill each other.
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56: A Bomb(ed) Set
5 views • Sep 30, 2021
After being absent for so long, Sticktoon does some rehearsals with Joey (from "The Adventures of Jean-Luc & Joey") to practice his range, only to find out some of the violence I do in the novels. I don't think he's happy about it. Check out "The Adventures of Jean-Luc & Joey" here:
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57: A Quick Pickup
10 views • Oct 03, 2021
Cheky's late for a pickup at a local shop, and he ends up encountering a passing memory.
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58: A Ghastly Wind...
16 views • Oct 07, 2021
Sticktoon's experiencing a pretty heavy gust of wind. Wait a minute... winds don't naturally blow like that during fall! Featuring a guest appearance by Erma, the little ghost girl. If you haven't read Erma by OUTCAST Comics, you should check it out! It's really good!
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59: Stringent Studying
18 views • Oct 10, 2021
Sticktoon is a stringent studier in his university. He'll do anything for the grade! No matter how hard he fails, I'm sure his credits will help bounce him back, right?
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60: Intelligent Inspiration
4 views • Oct 14, 2021
Sometimes a little intelligence comes from those you look up to the most... even your family.
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61: The Slick Stick Album: Comedic Cartoons Edition
1 views • Oct 17, 2021
It's the latest album that's sweeping the nation! The one-hit wonder everyone remembers, plus a couple of songs you never heard of but are still good regardless. AVAILABLE (NOT) NOW!
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62: A Ghastly Wind
2 views • Dec 09, 2021
(Originally Published Oct. 3rd, 2021) Sticktoon's experiencing a pretty heavy gust of wind. Wait a minute... winds don't naturally blow like that during fall! Featuring a guest appearance by Erma, the little ghost girl. If you haven't read Erma by OUTCAST Comics, you should check it out! It's really good! Erma:
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63: Quality Theatrics
3 views • Dec 12, 2021
Sometimes movies have hidden details that weren't present in the original. It's funny how much it affects the quality overall.
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64: Simple Sketchin'
1 views • Dec 16, 2021
Sketching brings out the best ideas. The kind of ideas that you don't have time to flesh out. Whether they're good or bad is not up to you. What matters is the ideas that come out from you. (Sorry about the black borders. The scanner acted up in the processes)
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65: Rat Catchin'
1 views • Dec 19, 2021
On a visit with family, a pesky little critter seemed to have scurried into the kitchen. Luckily, Stick's a self-made professional animal wrangler. He'll catch anything!
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66: Photogenic Stick Family
0 views • Dec 23, 2021
Ahh... family photos. They may not be perfect, but they're memories you'll cherish forever. I gotta say, someone in this family is very photogenic. "I swear, Stick. You do this EVERY year..."
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67: Seasonal Shadow Puppetry
1 views • Dec 23, 2021
'Tis the season for some puppets! (Fa la la la la, la la la la) Stars 'n' trees 'n' big ol' Santa! (Fa la la la la, la la la la)
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68: Lampshading
0 views • Dec 26, 2021
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69: Two Legends Reconcile
2 views • Dec 25, 2021
(Originally published Dec. 24, 2016) 'Twas the night before Christmas, and on one starry night... two legendary spirits reconcile as they learn to enjoy what they have in life. "God Bless Us... Everyone."
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70: Ambitious Pictures
9 views • Dec 30, 2021
Running a cartoon studio is like running a business. Even your big stars have their demands, and you, as the boss, have to meet their demands if you want them to stick around. Trust me, its easier said than done... "I hope you like sea pictures!"
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71: Constructible Assets
2 views • Jan 02, 2022
Creating a comic means there's a lot of assets to use, reuse and change. Sometimes those assets break and need construction... even the talkative ones.
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72: A Green Star
6 views • Jan 06, 2022
Sticktoon 'n' I share a birthday! So how's about wishing the funny little stick figure a happy birthday!
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73: An Admiring Comic
1 views • Jan 09, 2022
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74: Snow-Shot!
0 views • Jan 13, 2022
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75: The Dawn of a New Year
1 views • Jan 02, 2022
Luck dawns upon those who gaze upon the black moon. They say good luck blesses those who catch it for an entire year. Have a Happy Toontastic New Year! Let's make 2022 amazing!
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76: Cheesy Effects!
0 views • Jan 16, 2022