Military Adults (18+)
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25 pages
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1: Runes #1
NSFW 205 views • Jul 28, 2021
A storm rages on the Great Sea and a Viking drakkar is shipwrecked against the cliffs. The only prisoner on the ship, a Northman, miraculously manages to escape. Fleeing from his past, from unforgiving nature and armed only with luck, the man moves into the clearings of the coast.
26 pages
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2: Runes #2
NSFW 0 views • Sep 01, 2021
During a patrol in the clearing around Fearn, Angus Darroch argues animatedly with Iona about the problematic situation. But it won't be a day like any other for the Darroch's leader and his daughter. Meanwhile, beyond the Great Sea, Fjorn, the Jarl of Jondal, plots against the villages of the coast and sets up a suspicious trial without the accused.