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1: Part 1
50 views • Feb 22, 2021
Los Angeles; some call it the city of angels, others call it a cesspool of debauchery and self indulgence, but whatever you choose to call it, one thing is clear; L.A. is where all the action is. When an entertainment newspaper stops covering celebrity tabloids and starts to focus on the superhero community, all Hell breaks loose. From closeted capes, to drugged out Do-Gooders, no one is safe...
26 pages
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2: Part 2
47 views • Feb 22, 2021
One superhero shot himself in the head while another gave a lesbian kiss to one of the biggest pop stars in the world, and it’s only Tuesday! TODAY magazine editor Sara Michaels (who it is said, sold her soul for an exquisite set of boobs) continues her quest to track down the Superheroes of L.A. and make their lives a living hell. Tripled with random attacks from giant robots, and a...
26 pages
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3: Part 3
0 views • Feb 22, 2021
It’s really hit the fan now! Superstar Paparazzo Glenn Campbell finds himself barely hanging onto life as it soon becomes clear to him; if you mess with fire, getting burned is only the least of your worries. Meanwhile, on the other side of town, Nimbus is caught locking lips with his secret boyfriend turning into an instant internet sensation! Now, not even fame whore Wonder Boy can take it...
26 pages
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4: Part 4
0 views • Feb 22, 2021
How do you deal with a spoiled superstar diva? Take away the limelight and give it to Superheroes. But in the final issue of TidalWave's slightly naughty epic, Nikki Daywood isn't having it. She's determined to get back into the limelight at any cost and will let nothing get in her way. Of course, when two of the world's most dangerous super-assassins are on your trail, anything can happen... and...