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1: Ruby Has a Brother...?
431 views • Dec 10, 2020
Hellooo guys!!! ^o^ This comic was actually originally a spinoff series of the very first comic I ever made called Shadow Guardian. But since people love my couple Ruby and Rosa as much as I do, I thought they deserved their own cool series! And ironically now this is my main series! XD So thank you for reading!!! I hope you enjoy Episode 1!!!
6 pages (FREE)
2: Shadow Form Fusion
134 views • Dec 10, 2020
3 pages (FREE)
3: Thank You! Brief Intermission!
51 views • Dec 10, 2020
Soooooo I'm about to take you guys on a fun cool little ride into Ruby and Rosa's past! Meaning I will show you how they were introduced at first in my other comic Shadow Guardian that they're originally from. Now you'll get to officially learn about their cute little backstory! ^o^
40 pages (FREE)
4: Ruby and Rosa's Backstory
NSFW 321 views • Dec 10, 2020
Aaw the feels! THE FEELS!!! lol As you can see their backstory always tugs on my heartstrings. Their love is just so beautiful & emotional! But yes this was their segment in my old comic Shadow Guardian. If you're wondering why they look so different in that comic (as in Rosa with a bigger afro and Ruby with short hair), they're in a different timeline than this comic. They were 2 years older.
2 pages (FREE)
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5: The Show Must Go On!!!
16 views • Dec 10, 2020
Yessssssssssss now it's time to get back to the action, babies!!! hehe XD
9 pages (FREE)
6: This Is the Only Way
44 views • Dec 10, 2020
NOOOOOOOOO MY POOR BABIES!!!!!!!! >.< I hate seeing them like this... T - T And that must've been one of the hardest decisions that Ruby ever had to make. O.O
7 pages (FREE)
7: I Won't Let it End this Way
24 views • Dec 10, 2020 sooo...EVIL!!! >.< Ugh! I'm so glad Ruby was able to do a "last resort" escape though! O.o Cause man...that was pretty INTENSE!!! And super emotional as well. Absolute feels! T - T
6 pages (FREE)
8: I'm Here
24 views • Dec 10, 2020
lol Now you're gonna REALLY start seeing how goofy these two can get! haha XD What a silly couple! lmaooooooooo
6 pages (FREE)
9: Energy Boost
22 views • Dec 10, 2020
lmaooooo I love hyper Rosa! She's too cute! ^o^ hehe But a sudden turn events is about to happen for our lovely little protagonists...O.o
7 pages (FREE)
10: We're Not Home!
44 views • Dec 10, 2020
Uuuuuh ooooooh!!! O_O They have literally jumped to another dimension!!! Yikes!!! X_X haha but I thoroughly enjoyed creating these funny scenes. The humans have no clue and Ruby and Rosa just look sooo lost and confused. LMAOOOOO Poor things! XD
4 pages (FREE)
11: Hallucination
NSFW 32 views • Dec 10, 2020
Soooooo poor little Rosa starts freaking out and hallucinating O.O But at least the hallucination is actually really beautiful. In a moment of chaos she was actually able to find one little glimpse of her happy place. T - T
8 pages (FREE)
12: This Isn't a Dream...
30 views • Dec 10, 2020
Aaaawwwww feels and funnies!!! haha XD Ruby is such a sweetheart lol but Rosa is soooooooo NOT happy right now lmaoooooo O_O
6 pages (FREE)
13: We Need to Talk
25 views • Dec 10, 2020
Oooooohhhh the tension intensifies!!!! O_O
9 pages (FREE)
14: I'll Fix Everything
46 views • Dec 10, 2020
So this wraps up Volume 1 of OLU!!! XD I hope you enjoyed it! And I know you guys are just DYING to know what happens I right? Well not to worry lovelies! Volume 2 is already finished so you will NOT have to wait long! I'm so excited about the journey ahead and I really appreciate all of your support! <3<3<3
3 pages (FREE)
15: The Child Born with Blood in Her Hair
11 views • Dec 11, 2020
“The Child Born with Blood in Hair” aka “Blood Child” or “Blood Hair” Not literal blood though! Lol The red streak is just not a normal thing that Shadow Demons are born with in their hair. Ruby also has blood wielding powers so it makes sense that she was blessed with this uniquely badass trait! That is also the reason why her parents named her Ruby.
3 pages (FREE)
16: The Bubble Beauty
12 views • Dec 11, 2020
"The Bubble Beauty" was Rosa's nickname growing up because her bubble powers were a rarity among the Uciine race. Rosa's mom named her Rosa because her pink curly hair reminded her of a field of pink roses. Rosa was the oldest of 3 children before her entire family was killed by Shadow Demons when she was only 10 years old and she was also the only one in her family who was born with pink hair.
9 pages (FREE)
17: Nightmare
NSFW 38 views • Dec 11, 2020
Yikes! Starting heavy! O.O lol So as told in the backstory episode, Rosa's family was killed by a Shadow Demon seeking their Ucen Gems for more power when she was a child. Her feelings are pretty deep though because it shows the conflict she probably still has sometimes regarding her relationship with Ruby. Shadow Demons killed her family and yet the irony is that she has fallen in love with one.
9 pages (FREE)
18: Questions
40 views • Dec 11, 2020
I definitely had a blast making Ruby and Rosa's cute facial expressions in these panels! XD lmaoooooooo And that Ruby is a naughty one! Stealing all that money! My God! O.O I wish!!! haha But she did it all in the name of love I suppose! LOL
4 pages (FREE)
19: Take Your Time
48 views • Dec 11, 2020
lol Soooooo yea this is definitely the first time Rosa has ever declined sexual advances from Ruby!!! XD But at least Ruby is understanding and knows Rosa needs some time to regroup. Communication is EVERYTHING guys!!! SERIOUSLY!!! lmaoooo
5 pages (FREE)
20: Rosa's Depression
72 views • Dec 11, 2020
Man...depression is one HELL of a monster O_O Ugh! >.< But at least Ruby is trying to be really supportive. She's such an awesome girlfriend! T - T
5 pages (FREE)
21: The Glow
NSFW 14 views • Jan 28, 2021
OMG MY HEART IS HAPPY! XD lol And I love how Rosa's eyes had a tiny little glimmer in them after the first sweet thing Ruby said and then went full blown glow after that double whammy of feels Ruby threw at her! ^o^ Ugh! Too freaking ADORBS!!!
5 pages (FREE)
22: Make Love to Me
NSFW 22 views • Jan 28, 2021
Alrighty commercial break over! lol Anyway things just got EXTREMELY hot and heavy! O.O *blush* But they both need this cause it's been way too long! >.< LOL Sooooo yessssss! I'm happy for them! Intimacy levels FULLY achieved!!! XD
4 pages (FREE)
23: Good Morning
NSFW 12 views • Jan 28, 2021
LOL these pages really made me crack up!!! XD Mannnn that Ruby is something else! haha But I'm soooo happy things are starting to go back to normal with these two. Everything may not be perfect but at least it's a good start in moving forward. ^__^ On another note...ROSA CLAWED THE HELL OUT OF RUBY'S BACK!!! O.O JESUSSSSSS!!! LMFAO XD
5 pages (FREE)
24: Love Marks
NSFW 15 views • Jan 28, 2021
LMFAOOOOOOO Looks like Ruby wasn't the only "beast" in the bedroom!!! XD haha I love how she tries to hide it from Rosa but has a complete epic fail instead cause Rosa still ended up looking back there anyway! haha What a bunch of cute, freaky little goofballs!!! ^o^ hehe!
4 pages (FREE)
25: Peace
10 views • Jan 28, 2021
lmaoooo omg I love everything about this update! haha I am living for this moment! XD Aaaawww they can finally hold hands together in public and not hide their love for each other!!! <3 But Ruby really needs to get that temper of hers under control. Just face it, girl. Rosa is a little cutie and she will get attention where ever you guys go! XD
6 pages (FREE)
26: Caught Red-Handed!!!
NSFW 6 views • Jan 28, 2021
Lol Rosa looks so pissed!!! XD She's all like "Damn it, Ruby! You've got us out here looking crazy!" lmao Poor thing. At least she tried to fight it at first! I totally get it though. They have all this new freedom now and Ruby is just starting not to care about where they are when it comes to giving Rosa random affection! LOL Too cute! haha
7 pages (FREE)
27: Mystery Woman
NSFW 2 views • Jan 28, 2021
Omg she was able to see Ruby & Rosa's 1st time! O.O & no not "that" 1st time...XD I mean their very 1st time being intimate with someone in general. They didn't "level up" to strap status until a little later on in their relationship LOL Soo yea! XD Also this is when they discovered that they can feel each other's pleasure in unison too!<3 Must be an intense feeling to feel everything she does O.O
5 pages (FREE)
28: Game of Hormones!
NSFW 3 views • Jan 28, 2021
So this new woman appears to be quite the naughty one! LOL Why is Rosa always the one to get messed with in public?! XD Also it looks like Ruby got caught up in Rosa's high beams!!! O.O That glow is a turn on for her so at least Rosa tried to keep her eyes closed for as long as she could. Poor thing! haha But Ruby is obviously very willing & happy to take her home & give her the business! hehe XD
5 pages (FREE)
29: Today Was Perfect
NSFW 11 views • Jan 28, 2021
LOL "Come to mama" Famous words spoken by someone who knows she's about to completely WRECK that chick's insides! XD smh & I like how Rosa innocently asked that question about the dress...but she knows what's about to go down O.o haha Anyway I'm glad Ruby & Rosa finally get to experience a taste of what it's like to have a normal love life both in public and in private. ^__^ I'm so happy for them!
4 pages (FREE)
30: Trouble in Paradise?
10 views • Jan 28, 2021
Aaw happy beach babes! lol Well at least until the mystery woman showed up. O.O But it looks like Rosa was able to drag Ruby to a chick flick! XD & she turned the tables on her by being the little naughty one in public for a change! LMAO But it looks like these two are about to get into some serious mayhem together to get their mind off the stalker! Ruby's already leaning & Rosa's a giggly mess!
10 pages (FREE)
31: Wild Night
NSFW 10 views • Feb 02, 2021
Omg so obviously such a CHAOTIC night out! & Rosa is so cute & naive lol But seriously, this is why you don't take stuff from strangers guys! They experienced 3 new things in 1 night: being drunk, getting high & then drunk/high sex. LMAO Such a mess!!! But a hilarious moment in their lives nonetheless! XD Oh & I wasn't exaggerating when I said they can feel each other's pleasure at the same time!
3 pages (FREE)
32: The Chase Begins!
3 views • Feb 02, 2021
Uh oh! O.O Guess it's time to figure out who this little mystery woman is. Ruby wasted no time! lol & poor Rosa. She got caught off guard by Ruby running off & she got left behind! lmao Ugh! >.<
6 pages (FREE)
33: She Knows!
6 views • Feb 02, 2021
Oh man! O.O So who is this lady & why is she so powerful?! & now both Ruby & Rosa know that she is clearly aware of what Ruby is & most likely knows what Rosa is too. Yikes! >.< Little Rosa looks PISSED about what she did to Ruby though. Glad she was able to stop her with that bubble. Ugh the suspense!!!
4 pages (FREE)
34: Listen to Me
0 views • Feb 02, 2021
Oh boy... O.O Things are getting pretty intense! >.< But it looks like Rosa is trying to be the more strategic, observant, and rational one of the two. Ruby's just all about kicking ass and asking questions later LOL XD