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1: Neozoic #1
260 views • Nov 28, 2020
In a gritty sci-fi fantasy world where dinosaurs did not become extinct, humanity lives under the constant threat of giant predators. Prot├ęge; hunter Lilli Murko faces off against a deadly carnivore while her Donti Squad discovers a strange new reptilian threat to their city.
23 pages (FREE)
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2: Neozoic #2
115 views • Nov 28, 2020
In a world where dinosaurs and humans co-exist, a thousand of the agitated giant reptiles stand between Lilli and a little girl in trouble. But to save the child, the warrior must battle much more than just teeth and claws.
23 pages
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3: Neozoic #3
52 views • Nov 28, 2020
Thousands of dinosaurs descend on Monanti and the entire Predator Defense League is called into action. But if the walls break, are the elite warriors enough to protect the city? And who or what is behind the lizard invasion?
24 pages
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4: Neozoic #4
33 views • Nov 28, 2020
The walls of Monanti city are smashed, and the lives of millions are trampled beneath the feet of relentless dinosaurs. The Predator Defense League tries to stem the tide. The King finds his family kidnapped. But is Lilli to blame? When both father and mentor turn their backs on her, the emotional show-down turns deadly.
24 pages
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5: Neozoic #5
33 views • Nov 28, 2020
Lilli is outside the city walls, at the mercy of a thousand dinosaurs relentlessly pursuing her and the child. In the aftermath of the attacks, the mysterious Talpid have taken over Monanti City and are enslaving its citizens. It is up to the remnant of the Predator Defense League to fight on, despite the loss of its greatest leaders.
24 pages
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6: Neozoic #6
33 views • Nov 28, 2020
Lilli and Pax escape the dinosaur hoard into an ancient village at the tops of the trees where they find a clue to unlocking the mystery of the little girl and the reptile attacks. Meanwhile, the scattered Predator Defense League looks to find allies in their fight against the Talpid occupation.
24 pages
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7: Neozoic #7
34 views • Nov 28, 2020
The acclaimed dinosaur fantasy epic continues as the occupying Talpid force attempts to squelch the Monanti slave uprising by killing their leaders and banishing their king. Meanwhile, Lilli uses ancient knowledge to raise a reptilian army for an all-out assault on the city that banished her!
24 pages
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8: Neozoic #8
35 views • Nov 28, 2020
Murko may be hated by her father, her mentor, her fellow warriors and her own people, but she is returning to bring the battle for Monanti City full circle... and with a dinosaur army at her command.
23 pages
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9: Traders Gambit #1
54 views • Nov 28, 2020
The long-awaited return to the world where dinosaurs and humans live side-by-side! While the Predator Defense League oversees the rebuilding of the city, Lilli and Petra get considerably more than babysitting duty trying to protect a caravan from the giant lizards in the wild.
23 pages
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10: Traders Gambit #2
11 views • Nov 28, 2020
Wondrous new cultures and technology await the caravan from Monanti - if Lilli and Petra can deliver them safely from a stampeding dinosaur pack. Meanwhile, General Clawson and the cadets must stop predators from retaking the city.
23 pages
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11: Traders Gambit #3
10 views • Nov 28, 2020
At Monanti city, a perimeter check leads to answers... behind a raptor stronghold. Meanwhile, the divergent cultures of the swap meet must come together to survive when a predator dinosaur sets off a chain reaction of fire, destruction and espionage.
23 pages
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12: Traders Gambit #4
17 views • Nov 28, 2020
The Predator Defense League must face an enemy in their own ranks. In the midst of the dinosaur destruction at the swap meet, Lilli recruits a team to pursue the perpetrators... Leading her to discover the last thing anyone expected.

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