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1: Mythics #1
304 views • Dec 07, 2020
Elthia Fletcher is a newly instated member of The Mythic Order, an ancient order based in the spirit realm. They have been protecting humanity from the shadows, carefully avoiding The Order of the Carolingian Cross. On Elthia’s first mission, she is ordered to rescue a kidnapped baby changeling, and to capture a coven of witches. If the witches succeed, they’ll summon a demon lord...
28 pages
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2: Mythics #2
86 views • Feb 10, 2021
The year is 2007. A few days after rescuing the changeling baby Arlene from a coven of witches, all is quiet. Galatyn has gone back to the realm of the spirits on important business with the Mythic-Changeling Morella, to reinforce Elthia’s guardianship of the baby. Meanwhile, there are still other duties that a Mythic like Elthia needs to perform...