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1: Vol. 1: Tales of Valor and Villainy
574 views • Mar 30, 2021
When Dr. Frankenstein's creature was not the life he'd hoped to construct, he turned his efforts toward robots, artificial men who would obey orders. The creature sought out Frankenstein's secrets of life and death to manufacture more monsters like himself, but he could not control his creations any more than his creator could. Thus began an Era of Monsters! Now a battle for control sweeps across...
102 pages (FREE)
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2: Vol. 2: European Getaway
243 views • Mar 30, 2021
In Frankenstein's Europe, ravaged by the battles between monsters and steam-powered robots, Doctor Frankenstein has been found dead, and all evidence points to Hans as the cause. While Hans is on the run, looking for a way to clear his name, Ilsa and Gruber have become crewmates on a monster pirate ship. And they're not exactly making friends... Will our heroes make it through this European...
95 pages (FREE)
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3: Vol. 3: Pathways to Doom
65 views • Mar 30, 2021
The monster battles take to the land, sea, and air! Dr. Frankenstein and Dr. Jekyll fight steam-powered robots in a cross-country road race rescue mission with Mr. Hyde along for the ride. Witches steal magic from the great Baba Yaga, but she flies into action to get her revenge. A submarine transporting a mummy gets hijacked for a sea battle with robots, Atlanteans, and a massive Kraken. And an...
106 pages (FREE)
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4: Vol. 4: Witch Hunt
133 views • Mar 30, 2021
Everybody knows the baddest witch in the world is Baba Yaga. But she's a bit vulnerable since her magic was stolen. Now she's been recruited to go undercover and find a lost child she adopted from the woods years ago. But Baba Yaga will do some recruiting of her own, nabbing a steampunk inventor and a voodoo practitioner to fight ninjas, robots, and even... zombie llamas? It's a globe-hopping...
25 pages
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5: Monstrous: Heartbreak and Blood Loss #1
20 views • May 26, 2021
How would you handle being haunted? A lonely lighthouse keeper learns she's living right above a ghost pirate protecting cursed treasure. At first they struggle to figure out who will give up the territory first, but they quickly learn that they have a lot in common, including some enemies determined to destroy them both. This swashbuckling ghost story features hidden secrets, bloodthirsty pirates