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Faith Magic Military Mythical Teenagers (13-18)
Adults (18+)
aztec indigenous mysticism shaman warriors
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29 pages
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4: Mezo vol 2 #3
3 views • Jul 13, 2022
All-out war erupts as Kyma leads the attack against the invading Tzalekuhl army. But will her thirst for revenge interfere with her mother’s well-planned strategy for victory? The odds swing in their favor when the hero twins arrive, and they’ve brought along the mighty creatures known as the Arbath’a to lend a hand.
33 pages
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3: Mezo vol 2 #2
3 views • Jun 02, 2022
Using the battle as a distraction, Itza’be and Zea set out toward the now unguarded Tzalekuhl Palace. They seek the remaining pieces of the Celestial Seed, knowing they must reunite them all before the solar eclipse. Meanwhile, Uhna and Balaque head to Cobán Rock hoping they’re not too late to prevent a massacre.
32 pages (FREE)
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2: Mezo vol. 2 #1
22 views • May 05, 2022
The day of the solar eclipse approaches as the Tzalekuhl Empire pushes its way across the land of Mezo, determined to conquer all other tribes in the name of their god. With her father dead and her people driven from their homes, Kyma reunites with her estranged mother, Mzira, and forms an alliance with the mighty Huax’kin warriors.
137 pages
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1: Mezo vol. 1
955 views • Mar 12, 2021
The rise of the Tzalekuhl Empire threatens to disrupt the peace that has lasted for generations across the land of Mezo. When the conquest begins, a young girl named Kyma witnesses the death of her father, Hegol, a tribal leader who refused to yield. As the solar eclipse nears, Kyma must unite the various tribes against an emperor determined to make them all kneel before his god or be sacrificed.