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1: JETX Chapter 1
316 views • Aug 25, 2020
The very beginning of the adventure! Here we see Jet and his friends are tracking down a Train hosting Malicious' latest captive! Professor Jeffery Jefferson! Can they save Jeffery and find out the mysteries behind the artifact that Malicious Fingers wants so badly? Find out in this CHAPTER OF JETX!
29 pages (FREE)
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2: JETX Chapter 2
117 views • Oct 04, 2020
Malicious had struck, He has stolen the artifact of power that Jefferson had discovered! Will Jet and Co be able to stop him before Malicious succeeds with his misdeeds?! Find out in this current chapter of JETX!
24 pages (FREE)
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3: JETX Chapter 3
85 views • Feb 22, 2021
Malicious Fingers' Citadel has a risen and in full swing! Jet is missing! It's up to Katrina and Leon to save the day! Can they storm the Malicious Citadel and save everyone from total destruction??