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Aliens Medical Monsters Space / Interdimensional Teenagers (13-18)
Adults (18+)
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33 pages
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2: ET-ER #2
64 views • Jun 08, 2022
The intergalactic medical anthology returns with three more pulse-pounding tales! A doctor comes to the aid of two hunters on the trail of giant insects that are terrorizing their far-flung colony in “Herd.” An extraterrestrial movie director, after the latest setback with a black hole on the set of his big budget film, checks in for a nervous breakdown in “Final Cut.” An ambulance crew races against time, and dodges asteroids, in “Precious Cargo.”
41 pages
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1: ET-ER #1
560 views • Dec 27, 2021
Intergalactic virus liquefy one of your heads? Feeling a bit “off” ever since you drove through that black hole? Then visit the ET-ER, the galaxy’s leading medical facility. This interplanetary crew of doctors, nurses, paramedics, and technicians is uniquely qualified to cure what ails you. This super-sized debut special includes two stories of medical madness that are out of this world.