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1: Dark Wing #1
10.4k views • Jun 01, 2021
The Dark Wing, a planet turned into a spaceship by human-like people known as the Quails, searches the cosmos for a solar system to call home. Piloted by the legendary Benedict Gunn, the exploration of this gargantuan ship is an adventure like no other. But when Captain Gunn pulls a daring interstellar maneuver, the price he and his crew must pay is deadly.
20 pages
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Read Dark Wing  2 Page 1 in English
2: Dark Wing #2
939 views • Jun 01, 2021
As time moves fluidly throughout the journey of the Dark Wing’s crew a plot to foil the way of life so akin to the men and women aboard the Dark Wing unfolds. But deception would be an easier notion than what lies ahead.
20 pages
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3: Dark Wing #3
396 views • Jun 01, 2021
The Collective Experimental Living Life – commonly known as CELL, the planetary collective intelligence of the Quails – befriends a young student, Nela. Phoebe asks for Ben’s help, but it seems Pon also needs him in these mourning times for the Dark Wing crew.
21 pages
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4: Dark Wing #4
516 views • Jun 01, 2021
Nela and her classmates learn about the extraordinary journey that their planet, Tiberius, and the Quails have endured in order to survive and why they’ve been sailing for centuries through the stars in search for a new home. Meanwhile Dor-Fu and the Council of Cobras share some new developments that shock Benedict Gunn.
22 pages
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5: Dark Wing #5
NSFW 54 views • Jan 02, 2022
The recent discovery made by the Council of Cobras puts them in direct collision with Benedict Gunn. A man who never shies away from confrontations, Benn directly confronts the Council. Ideas and arguments are wielded like sharp swords, counter arguments and visions are thrown like swift spears but whatever the outcome... The future of the proud Quail civilization and planet Tiberius will forever