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Corrsolla Robot

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213 pages (FREE)
1: Book 1
2.2k views • May 26, 2021
Ceri discovers her own robotic comic character, Corrsolla Robot, is not only real, but a shape shifting weapon designed specifically for her. Both of them must work together as living armor and attacker to take down the mysterious race of angels. The two Valkyries make it their mission to find out the reasoning where Corrsolla really came from. Is teamwork the answer?
237 pages (FREE)
2: Book 2
365 views • May 26, 2021
Weird Goopy Robot- CHECK. Brooding, complicated, adversary- CHECK. Trips to the mall- CHECK. Boring tabletop roleplaying game with too many rules- CHECK. GIANT DOG? That wasn't on the list!